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F150 STX 3.5 Engine Used

The truck series from Ford benefits from numerous choices of engines in V6 and V8 builds. The STX series is one trim level of the F150 that appeals to classic and modern auto buyers. The use of Ecoboost technology in the motor blocks used to power the STX has proved a success to the Ford Motor Company. Through this website, a person can buy F150 STX 3.5 engine used inventory.

The trucks powered by the 3.5 motor in this decade where not the first to benefit from the updated power level. The MKR from Lincoln power tested the first Ecoboost build. The production between 2007 and 2010 laid the foundation for what would be placed into the emerging light-truck market held by the F-Series pickup trucks.

2011 and Late Model Ecoboost Motors

There are 365 horsepower rated in the 3.5 edition used in all STX trucks after the year 2011. What this means for a truck owner is that any block that needs to be replaced is likely the most recent edition built by Ford. These are part of the first production generation. A new announcement for starting production on the second generation blocks was recently made public.

While some automakers struggle to have reliable turbo technology, the F-Series trucks already have twin turbos installed. While the block is still a 60-degree design, the updated 213 cubic inches and aluminum casting helps hold in the heat produced during operation. The mounted turbo chargers are only found in the dual overhead cam editions of the 3.5 Ecoboost.

Common Ecoboost F150 Problems

Some public reports of a bad air cooling system have been announced through some websites and truck owner blogs. While there has been acknowledgement of a problem, Ford has fixed many of the small issues that have been uncovered during ownership of the 3.5 V6. Because this motor is a high compression block, condensation was an issue that has since been corrected. Every Got Engines unit that is found on this portal for sale has been evaluated and verified for top quality condition.

Tow Rated 3.5 V6 Truck Engines for Sale

Getting the most out of a truck motor means buying one that can take a lot of miles. For a person who appreciates modern technology, the success of the F150 V6 motors is undeniable. When it comes to performing an Ecoboost engine swap, paying too high of a price can be a real problem for unfortunate truck owners. Browsing the inventory that is available here can ease the mind of a person who is very concerned with paying retail prices.

The low prices that are provided during a regular inventory search of this website are locked in for every person. No information is collected just to display a price to someone. The easy buy button that is presented takes away the need to pay cash in person at a Ford parts junk yard or salvage yard in the U.S.

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