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Ford 3.5 Liter V6

Cyclone replaced the Essex motor in the 2006 year at the Ford Motor Company. Production in line for the future is the stance Ford took when developing its Cyclone platform. There are now multiple vehicles that use the powerful displacement and Ecoboost technology. Someone who is researching whether or not to buy a Ford 3.5 liter V6 engine can make better decisions using this website for reference.

Ultra Low Vehicle Emissions Technology

States like California have imposed legislation that bans the use of high vehicle emissions. To help combat smog, automakers like Ford Motor company have started to produce what are known as low vehicle emissions engines ULEV. The 3.5 Duratec is one of blocks adhere to the new sets of rules in multiple U.S. states.

As one of the best engines of the year 2007, the Duratec 35 is compact although does provide considerable power. In the year 2011, Ford updated its performance of the 3.5 block with Ti VCT. This did improve the peak performance of the motor and helped it to reach new RPM levels for truck and SUV owners. The success of the Cyclone engines family has propelled Ford in this century.

Vehicles Using 3.5 V6 Motors

The Ford Edge is just one example of vehicles that now make use of DOHC and better valve train technology. Vehicles including Taurus X, Fusion, Sable, Explorer, MKZ and F150 each use a variant of the 3.5 series. The differences between each model include higher horsepower and a different torque ratio. The Ecoboost fuel savings are an added bonus for auto owners.

The horsepower range for a 3.5 V6 created after 2006 is between 265 and 290 hp. There are a total of 213 cubic inches in the 3.5 while the much larger 3.7 edition features 227 cubic inches. Each block is made out of an aluminum alloy as well as the installed cylinder heads. The ore is 3.64 in the standard dual overhead cam installation.

Ford 3.5 Ecoboost Engine Problems

A known humidity issue was the reported cause of some engine lockups that were reported in the mid 2000s by auto owners. Lawsuits were involved that discounted claims by Ford that Ecoboost actually lead to the promoted fuel savings. While all issues have been resolved, a person who purchases a Duratec motor from Got Engines receives a full-term warranty plan.

Where to Find Used 3.5 Ford Engines

GotEngines.com is one national resource center to review below MSRP prices and stock status for a number of preowned motors. Freebies like no charge shipping and complementary warranties are part of the sales strategy that is put into place on this website.

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