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Ford 6.8 Liter Engines for Sale..

Smart Mechanics Choose 6.8L Ford Engines..GotEngines.com

Smart Mechanics Choose 6.8L Ford Engines..GotEngines.com

For pure pulling power for your Ford pickup truck, here is a possible solution. These new big-cubic inch gasoline-powered internal combustion engines are becoming one of the most popular gasoline engines manufactured by Ford. Although they have never had the success of the power stroke series of engines, these 6.8L SOHC V10 engines are for the Ford F-350 Super Duty series of pickups and larger SUV’s also.

It’s smaller brother, the 5.4L Triton V8 employs the exact same head and valve arrangement as the 6.8L V10, with 3 valves per cylinder ( 2 intakes, 1 exhaust) for increased power and efficiency. Although the 5.4l engine had spark plugs blowing out of the respective plug holes problems (now cured). Combine these ingredients with an updated air management system, and you have outstanding recipe for durability and performance.

More of Fords 6.8L Engine design updates have been integrated into the design of this motor to increase functionality. By using one camshaft in each cylinder head (as all single overhead camshafts setups have) operating 3 valves in total, 2 intake and 1 exhaust and the power is distributed by an Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) wire, which uses electronic signals to link the gas pedal to the engine instead of the old fashioned ‘throttle cable’ to deliver effortless and reliable power on demand.

A Silent-design chain front camshaft timing setup drive helps add to the durability and reduces noise and engine vibration. Although I’m a fan of a good old fashioned timing chain.

The ultra-reliable fail-safe cooling system is designed to protect the engine if it springs a coolant leak. If the engine losses coolant and overheats, it is then commanded to use an arrangement of computers to 
automatically switch from 10-cylinder operation to a 5-cylinder operation. The vehicle will continue to operate, but in a reduced capacity. Which gives the driver a period of time to limp into the dealer or repair shop before any damage is done.

Not all of the computerization is bad, a fail safe/limp in mode saves lots of engines form premature and unnecessary failures. Computers are the most common manner we produce large engines that afford us good mileage and performance with nice manners. As a matter of interest, computerized which seem to have a drive-ability problem should have the computerized electronic control system examined first.

For more educational material about engines please examine more of our blog, it is stocked full of valuable information you may not be familiar with or may prove helpful in the process of buying a replacement engine. An informed consumer makes the best decisions, so call anytime and feel free to ask questions.

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