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Ford 7.5L-460″ Engines

GotEngines.com..We appreciate your business.

GotEngines.com..We appreciate your business.

The Ford 460 cubic inch engines were the largest series of gasoline engines manufactured by Ford. It was Ford’s largest V8 until it was replaced in 2000 by the 6.8L V10 engine.

Not only was the engine used in larger luxury cars and pickup trucks extensively, but the Ford 460 is also a very popular industrial engine which was was used in a variety of applications including wood chippers and tub grinders, co-generation systems, irrigation pump units, forklifts, etc. Basically, it is a big lazy engine that produces plenty of low RPM power or torque, which allows it to work effortlessly all day long.

For the most part these big lazy engines are under-stressed and seem to operate for many years with proper maintenance.

One of the few weakness’s of these Ford 460 engines is when the engine is called upon to work out of it’s lazy power range. The industrial and marine versions of the engines, have a tendency to spin cam bearings when pushed out of it’s comfort range. The engine can be pushed out of it’s comfort range in a car, but in most cases it happens in marine or industrial applications. Due to the design of the camshaft bearings and support system, this can be an issue for industrial usage. Rarely do the car versions develop this issue.

The engines were manufactured between 1968 and 1997, and was introduced for the Ford Thunderbird in 1968 and replaced all FE series in Ford’s full-size cars in 1969. Production ended with the ninth generation of Ford F-Series truck in the 1996/7 model year.

For the automotive and light truck industry these engines were a dream for people who wanted or needed more power. It’s tremendous size in cubic inches and perfect design for developing torque and horsepower at usable speeds, propelled vehicles with smoothness and power. A common engine used by the low budget street racers.

There is a secret to rebuilding these engines is to alleviate the camshaft issue. It would be irresponsible not to update a known weak spot in any engine reconditioning job, knowing there is a solution available. Not all engine remaufacturers take the extra time and expense to upgrade this area.

If you are reading this article as you search for a suitable replacement engine, please note that all we ask for is a phone call. After speaking with a trained engine professional and learning more about the dynamics of engine replacement, we feel confident you will want to buy your engine from us. Don’t forget to ask about our variety of warranties. Our job is to outfit you with one of our rebuilt Ford engines that suits your needs and budget. Call GotEngines.com @ 1-866-320-1065 and get educated for free.

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