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Ford Duratec 25 V6

Ford Duratec 25 V6 | Used Ford Engines for Sale

The Duratec Ford 25 V6 is an updated version of the original 2.5L introduced in the early 1990s inside of the Contour. The DOHC design in all Duratec engines is what separates these engines from those produced before the start of the year 2000. The research and development put into the Mazda engines during the partnership with Ford lead to the increase in horsepower and displacement. All Duratec engines are produced between domestic and international engine manufacturing plants. Our relationships with dealers around the world allow us to offer the Ford Duratec 25 V6 at an unmatched price online.

The 195 hp performance is among the most powerful compact engines in the Ford lineup. Competing car companies are still playing catch up to Ford development. The biggest selling cars of the last 20 years include the Duratec 25 under the hood. The Mercury Cougar, Mystique and Jaquar X-Type all come with this engine and even more horsepower is available with the SVT versions. This acronym for Special Vehicle Team means the elite members of the Ford development staff that produce racing tuned versions of Ford engines for the luxury car market.

High Performance Low Mileage Duratec 25 from Ford

What you will find in all of our used Ford engines is Ford quality at a used price. Buying engines from second hand dealers has always been a problem and finding a quality motor is not easy to do. Our experienced staff of engine specialists disassembles every engine that we buy to inspect if for damage. We strip the engine down to its core and make sure that it is high quality. We put our reputation into every engine that is sold from our website. You will find our Duratec 25 has low miles and is in very clean condition.

Apart from our low price, we give you our generous 3-year warranty coverage. We trust certified Ford parts and only install these parts during the rebuild. We know the level of quality that you expect and we give it to you. Our shipping policy is easy to understand. We crate, wrap and ship each engine safely to a destination that you choose. We know that many problems can occur during transport and use only the most professional shipping carriers to transport our engines.

No Hassle to Order a Ford Duratec 25 V6

A price quote is the only thing separating you from putting one of our engines into your hands. Complete our easy quote form and you will receive a fast price quote by email. Review the price and specs then call us at 1-866-320-1065 to order. We ship your Ford Duratec 25 V6 out the same day.

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