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Ford Duratec used engines…

This Ford motor or engine may be a European model motor, however, as in the case of JDM engines, many of these engines and cars get cut into pieces and shipped to the US to become quality engines for sale. There are cases of these engines being installed in US models with the necessary emission adjustments. Usually, when they arrive in the US, they go through a rebuilding process. Since they need to be updated to the US emission laws, however many low mileage used engines arrive in the US needing only emission updating to make this a terrific choice as a low mile used engine.

That being said, a brief rundown on this power plant.

The Duratec HE is the name used by Ford of Europe for their family of small straight-4 and V6 petrol engines. The family includes 1.8 L and 2.0 L DOHC 16-valve engines and the 2.5 L V6 (also called the Duratec 25). European engines are built at Valencia Engine Plant in Spain.

The Focus RS featured a turbocharged version of the 2.0 L Zetec unit producing 215 bhp (158 kW) and 310 N·m (229 ft·lbf) of torque, although tagged a Duratec-RS.

The 99P is a 2.0 L (123 cubic inches) (1988 cc) version was built in Dearborn, MI. It is used in the Ford Focus. Output is 110 horsepower (HP) at 5000 RPM. It has a cast iron engine block and aluminum SOHC cylinder heads. It uses SFI fuel injection, has roller followers, and features split forged powder metal connecting rods, a one-piece cast camshaft, and a cast aluminum or reinforced plastic intake manifold.

The version used in the US market is for the SVT Focus. Output is 170 hp HP at 7000 RPM.

Duratec is a term for a Ford engine type. There may be several actual configurations of any engine, which necessitates the need to have your VIN ready when you call GotEngines.com at 1-866-320-1065..Much more information on Ford engines can be found on our Blog.

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