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Used Ford Escape 2.0 Engine

Ford began using the Zetec 2.0 in the Escape in the year 2000. As production increased for SUV vehicles, market dominance was important to automakers. One of the top four-cylinder motors that already had a good history was selected by Ford for its Escape. Getting ready to replace a motor does not have to be scary. The purchase of a used Ford Escape 2.0 engine is easy to complete here.

A period of 4 production years were given to the Escape to judge its acceptance in the U.S. market. While it performed well in Europe using a different name, the Escape was almost an instant hit with auto buyers. While the Zetec was about to be retired in the 2.0 design, Ford did upgrade the power level starting in the 2004 year. The takeover of the Duratec build has lasted for more than a decade.

2.0 Zetec Escape Engine Swap

There are 16 valves found inside of the Zetec block in the North American editions. Depending on the type of motor found, the horsepower will always fluctuate. What Ford used inside of the Escort was obviously smaller than what was used in the Escape SUVs. A minimum of 127 horsepower was a feature in the original 2.0 block. Ford Motor Company improved this displacement to the 2.3 and later 3.0 through its Duratec brand.

Someone who needs to swap a motor in the Mercury Mariner can use the 2.0 Zetec builds. To increase sales in the early 2000s, Ford started producing the Mariner which was the Mercury version of the fan favorite Escape. When changing out either of the 2.0 blocks in these vehicles, it is important that someone chooses a dealer able to provide a CD2 platform engine.

2.0 Ecoboost Escape Motor

In 2013 for North America, Ford started using a 2.0 Ecoboost for its SUV lineup. This is not the same engine as was used in the 2000 to 2004 Escape. The block codes are different as well as the housing. It would not be possible to swap an older motor for a newer design using the old chassis design. A person researching this GotEngines.com website can find nearly any 2.0 block.

The way to find a price here is easy. While a VIN number is useful, one is not required just to review what pricing is offered. Selecting the model and the make of Ford vehicle gets someone into the warehouse tool on this website. It is from this point that prices are calculated and a motor can be purchased right on this website.

Buy 2.0 Escape I4 Motors for Sale

The inline four-cylinder blocks that are for sale through this website are complete versions. What this means to a buyer is that all inspections are validated. There is nothing missing on the block that should be there. Getting a 2.0-liter installed is way easier when everything is complete and money is saved in the process.

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