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Used Ford Flex 3.5 Engine

Ford coined the phrase crossover utility vehicle in 2008 when it introduced its Flex vehicle brand. This SUV class motor vehicle is still built in Canada and features the latest motor technology for the D4 body platform. Regardless of its 5-door body style, the Flex uses 2 separate V6 engine blocks. A person ready to buy a used Ford Flex 3.5 engine can use this portal for all purchases.

Some of the technology used to design the Flex came from the Volvo brand. When Ford Motor Company owned Volvo, many of the design concepts were improved upon for later usage in SUVs and trucks. The front engine design of the Ford Flex made it perfect for the 6-speed automatic transmission coupled with each unit.

Engines to Buy for a Ford Flex

V6 is now the leading type of power train that Ford is using for its light-truck and sport utility vehicle class. Because there are dual motors used in various trim levels of the Flex, a person buying a replacement motor should known which type to research. The first motor available is now a classic in the American auto industry. The Duratec nameplate has been proven year after year.

The second motor available is the latest Ecoboost variant. The main difference between this motor and its Duratec rival is the way that fuel is delivered and used throughout the engine. There is a noticeable horsepower difference in the 3.5 editions. Only 262 horsepower is presented in the 2008 series that does not feature AWD. 355 horsepower is provided in the Ecoboost engines.

Known 3.5 V6 Ford Engine Problems

It is not a secret that Ford has struggled in recent years with its claims about fuel economy and reliability with its 3.5 Ecoboost. Some truck and CUV owners have reported unexplained shaking during motor operation or heat issues. From check engine lights to towing issues, the Ecoboost has had numerous complaints. Ford has since corrected all issues and GotEngines.com inventory reflects good quality used motors.

How to Buy a Used Ford Flex Engine

A simple search of the online inventory on this page will reveal just how cheap a 3.5 V6 engine really is. Because all inventory is taken direct from national suppliers, there will be a variance in MSRP on this website compared with salvage or junk yard sellers. Every preowned motor with a Ford nameplate has been evaluated and includes a free warranty at the time of purchase. Consumers who enjoy free shipping will still be able to take advantage of this offer for all used V6 Ford Flex engines.

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