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Used Ford Ranger 2.3 Engine

Ford used its 2.3 Lima engine as one of the popular motors that powered its Ranger pickup truck in 1983. The light-duty truck market was expanding during this time and competition between auto companies was increasing. While other motors are available through secondary sources, a person can buy a used Ford Ranger 2.3 engine direct on this website for a low price.

The 2.3 has a internal engine code of LL3. This motor was named after the town of Lima, Ohio were it was built for more than 15 years. The motor was first used in the 1970s although was the perfect pairing to the compact Ranger trucks. The original 2.3-liter motor had less than 100 horsepower although modifications were made later to improve speed.

History of the Ranger Lima Engine

The overhead cam combustion 2.3 was a fixture in many vehicles throughout the Ford Motor Company history. The inline design of the motor outputted between 100 and 205 horsepower in its native configuration. A person reviewing the specs of the Lima engine for a Ranger will find that some refer to this series as the OHC.

Production ended for the earliest OHC 2.3 motors in the late 1990s. Ford made changes to its I4 series blocks. A new Duratec 2.5 was used for a few years as upgrade to the older Ranger motors available. There was continued use with automatic and manual transmission units found in all light-duty Ford trucks.

The Mazda B trucks which shared the same design as the Ranger also used the 2.3 versions in the United States. While 2011 was the year of Ranger truck production, a person can use this GotEngines.com website to find viable inventory to purchase.

EFI 2.3 Ranger Engines with Warranties

Getting the most out of any used motor block purchase is important to consumers. The electronic fuel injection 2.3 or earlier models are all covered by a long-term coverage document at the point of purchase here. This means that if a part fails it could be replacement without additional costs. Protecting the roller cams, crankshaft and main seals is always a good idea.

All two-step torque Lima engines on sale at this website are in stock and shippable nationally. This means no problems when ordering through the Internet. Since some companies list Ranger engines for sale that are not really in stock, all inventory posted here is accurate.

Buy 2.3 Ranger Engines Used Online

There is a powerful inventory system in place here at GotEngines.com. For a person who prefers to research on the web, inputting a model year and make into the search tool here will produce the sale prices offered. A used Ranger engine in good condition is priced in real time. Someone who prefers to buy offline can still complete the process through calling the toll-free customer number.

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