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Ford Triton Engines for Sale: 4.6L, 5.4L and 6.8L Engines.

The Triton engine is Ford’s modern line of overhead camshaft (OHC) V8 and V10 Modular truck engines.

The Modular engine, or “mod motor”, is Ford Motor Company’s modern overhead camshaft (OHC) V8 and V10 engine family. It gradually replaced the Windsor small-block and 385 big-block engines over several years in the mid-1990s. The engine is modular in that it can be adapted to V8 or V10 with a variety of 2-valve and multivalve heads. It is used in Ford trucks, (called the Triton) in Lincolns (called Intech) and in Ford and Mercury cars. In 2004 Ford introduced a 3-valve SOHC with a Variable Cam Timing system, this engine will eventually phase out the 2-valve SOHC, although it has replaced a 4-valve DOHC engine, at least temporarily, in the Lincoln Navigator.

The smallest Triton was the 4.6 L V8, based on the 90° Ford Modular engine design. This engine is available with either a cast iron or aluminum block, but both use aluminum heads. All 4.6 L Tritons are either 2-valve SOHC or, with the introduction of the 2006 Ford Explorer, 3-valve SOHC designs.

Ford’s plant in Romeo, Michigan produces five different 4.6 L modular V8s, of which two are Tritons. The two Triton lines are the cast iron units used in the Ford F-Series, Expedition, and Econoline and the aluminum block versions used in the Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer.

The 2-valve SOHC version in the 2001 and later model years produces 231 hp. The 3-valve SOHC version produces 292 hp. Both use multi-port fuel injection, roller rockers, fracture-split forged powder metal connecting rods, and an assembled reinforced plastic intake manifold.

The Triton Ford Engines family includes a 5.4 liter 2 valve and 3 valve engine and a 6.8l 2 valve and 3 valve engine. We have a full stock of Ford Modular Triton Engines in stock and ready for shipment. All of our engines come with iron clad warranties designed to boost your confidence level. Call GotEngines.com @ 1-866-320-1065 and discuss your needs with one of our trained representatives.

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