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GMC Yukon Used Engines

GMC Motors

Yukon is the first modern full-size SUV in the GMC family. This vehicle series is known for power as well as the variety of engines. Both Chevy and GMC vehicles use many of the same motors to attract purchasers each year. The GMC Yukon used engines that are retailed here at GotEngines.com provide the variety U.S. buyers demand.

The 1992 production year started many changes for GM. The push to create a consumer-friendly SUV that featured lower gas mileage turned into the Yukon. The first motor used in this series was the 4.1 V6. This is one of the oldest straight six engines in the General Motors company. This motor was later upgraded to the 5.7 V8.

Yukon Used Motors for Sale: Gasoline and Diesel

GM is known for switching up the power and performance in its motors every few years. Changes were made after the initial introduction of the Yukon in the U.S. market. Two diesel engine types were introduced as options. These were the 4.2 spring diesel and ever-popular 6.5 diesel. Got Engines retails the gasoline and diesel builds for U.S. customers.

There were additional motors used in later years the Yukon progressed as a brand. GM introduced the 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 and 6.2 editions. These are some of the modern versions that are retailed on this website. All of the Internet research that consumers conduct to find suitable inventory usually stops on this page. Ordering nearly any used Yukon engine in production is an easy task.

How to Order GMC Yukon Used Engines

Pinpointing the type of motor that is needed as a replacement should always be the first step. Replacing GMC motors can be tricky due to the vintage and late model numbering differences. A good first step is to generate a request to review a price quote right from this website. A simple quotation form is given to each website visitor to use. Entering the make and year of each vehicle ensures the right pricing for a motor is revealed.

Online quotes are a new method of price distribution here. The phone systems are still in place to help consumers by phone. A toll-free number is always offered as a backup resource. A lot of good information about GMC engine mileage, compatibility and other details is provided by phone. Any interested engine buyer can utilize the offline contact solutions that are offered. A quote for a used motor is easy to achieve here when using the phone or online tools provided.

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