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Honda Fit Engine

Honda Fit Engine

Honda Fit was created in 2001 and used the famous VTEC engine technology. This five-door hatchback is produced in multiple countries of the world. The 2005 model was the first edition released in the U.S. The 1.5 engine base is used to power this vehicle. Got Engines is one of the largest resources online to purchase the Honda Fit engine. The larger than average JDM motors inventory sold at http://gotengines.com provides the resources buyers search for on the Internet. Buying preowned does not have to be a catastrophe. Purchasing replacement motors is easy with a great retailer.

The engine code for the Fit motor is the L15A. This motor is used in Japan as the i-DSI edition. The modified ignition system for the Japanese models is not marketed in the United States. The 1.5 VTEC is the standard edition Honda Fit motor. This represents the motor found in our inventory. The five-speed transmission works well with the four-cylinder 1.5. Honda has engineered many engines in the past 25 years. The design and development never changes in the preowned motors sold here. Purchasing an import motor is a big decision. It’s easy to lose money buying an unworthy motor. Our company helps prevent these issues.

Honda Fit Engine Shipped for Free

Stocking Honda motors is not the difficult part. Purchases get complicated when warranties are expected. Many companies refuse to warranty preowned engines. Got Engines is a leading engine distributor and retailer online. This company earned its reputation. The packaging of engines and warranties together are one of the firsts here. The protection of a motor is not an issue here. The majority of used Honda engines sold here are warranted for a two-year period. We provide a lengthy warranty to protect every buyer. The 1.5 and additional engines in our inventory receive the same coverage plan.

Because the Honda Fit is an import vehicle, shipments can be delayed by some retailers. Not all retailers have access to used Honda motors in OEM shape. Shipments processed by our company leave the same day. We’ve upgraded the policy of shipping. Our free shipping is applied to all used engines in stock. These can be shipped inside the continental United States. We buy from Honda distributors. These are the engines we would use for our own vehicles. The quality and assurance levels we create for customers are always high. Investments are never wasted buying engines here. Each shipment is routed by our professional team. The Honda motors leaving from our warehouse arrive in great condition.

Honda Fit Engine Instant Price Quotes

Pricing is easy to receive here. It only takes a click of your mouse or a simple phone call. We let customers decide how to get a price. Pricing is obtained using the form located on this website. All pricing displayed is the current price. Warranty information and free shipping data is included in each quote. This instant price method for used engines in stock is not found from other retailers. Get a Honda quote by choosing the method of price delivery right now.

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