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2002 Isuzu Trooper Engines for Sale

The Trooper from Isuzu is one of the SUV brands sold in the U.S. and in other global markets. The strength of the sport utility market helped created the demand for the Trooper brand of Isuzu vehicles. Locating motor replacements from a trusted source is key for these vehicles. Got Engines is a national source [...]

Isuzu NPR Engines

Isuzu NPR Engines For Sale

There is not a lot of information on the internet that is unique and can help demystify the engine situation should you want more information on Isuzu engines for the N-series of Medium duty trucks. The NPR to be more precise, is the model name of [...]

Izuzu Engines: 4LE1 industrial diesel engines for sale..

Isuzu L series engines are 4 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, Water Cooled, OHV, Vertical In-Line, Indirect Injected diesel engines with a max hp of 54  @ 3000 RPM. Compact, light-weight, 3 and 4-cylinder engines with rated power of 15 to 54 hp. Quieter, easy to [...]

Izuzu F-Series Engines: Izuzu Diesel Engines, Reliable and Cost Effective.

Isuzu F-Series engines bring the benefits of advanced engineering to every aspect of vehicle design. From excellent safety and convenience to unmatched power and durability, these top-performing trucks have the features businesses need to meet the challenge of tough jobs and cost-effective operations. The versatile model lineup, means the F- Series is ready to handle [...]

Isuzu G Engines For Sale: 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L….

As you can see Izuzu Engines are quite popular. The G-Series of Izuzu engines were used in: * The 1.6L G161Z SOHC engine was used in the Isuzu Gemini and Chevrolet Chevette. Bore X Stroke: 82mm x 75mm Displacement: 1514cc * The 1.8L G180Z SOHC engine was used in the 1972-1976 Opel [...]

Izuzu Engines For Sale: Upgraded and Affordable..

One of Japan’s largest automobile and truck companies and most prominent names is Isuzu. Used for commercial purposes and for private vehicles, they manufacture some of the world’s most popular engines on and off the road. Isuzu cars and trucks are even used by car rental companies, as their transportation vehicle of choice. With some [...]