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Jeep 4.7L engines

Used Jeep Cherokee Engines | Chrysler 4.7-Liter Engine

The PowerTech engines were a huge upgrade to the famous 4.0-liter Jeep engines that ruled the late 1980s and 1990s. The new design achieved instant respect for its horsepower for any SUV in its class. Chrysler made huge improvements to the way that these engines performed. It upped the amount of compression and torque to give Jeep owners what they wanted. This new family of engines is still in production and has been a great success for Jeep. Our used Jeep 4.7L engines are quality engines that are purchased direct from dealers. These engines were pulled from dealer cars and leased vehicles. We have huge supply of these PowerTech engines.

Since its release in 1999, we have had the 4.7-liter engine available. Our inventory of Jeep motors changes constantly, but we always have a supply of excellent used motors for the latest Jeep models. We still carry the classic 3.3L, 3.6L and 4.0L engines. Requests are sent to us daily for these engines. The used 4.7-liter Jeep engines that we buy resemble a new engine both inside and out. What we don’t do is buy engines that have a lot of mileage. These type of engines are already sold on the scrap engine market. We’re in the high quality used engines business.

Low Priced Jeep 4.7L Engines with Our 36-Month Warranty

We set our Jeep engines apart by offering what other Chrysler dealers do not. That is a great warranty. We know that you are likely going to place the 4.7 into a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We also know that a breakdown or other issue can happen when you least expect it. This is the reason that we have created a great warranty to go along with every used engine for sale. We extend our protection to you for 3 years. GotEngines.com is your partner and not just a seller. We want to ensure that your engine works great during the time that we do business together. Many sellers forget about customers after the deal has been made. We do not.

At 230 horsepower, you can expect our used Jeep engine to perform exactly like it should. You are saving a lot of money by purchasing it used compared to brand new. We keep our prices low so you don’t go bankrupt trying to keep your vehicle running. We appreciate your business and keep our engines priced as low as we can. When you place your order, it is shipped extremely fast. Part of our accomplishments come from the quality of each engine and from the way that they are handled. Our shipping carriers work fast but safely. We send your engine at no cost to you for freight.

Immediate Phone and Online Price Quotes for Jeep 4.7L Engines

Call our Jeep engine experts now at 1-866-320-1065. Not only do we give you the best price you can find online, we are professionals and are here to help answer your questions. We are easy to talk with and don’t waste time giving you our low price. Call us and you get your Jeep 4.7L engine price fast. Get your quote sent by email by using the quote form at the top of this page.

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