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Kia Rio Used Engines for Sale

Kia Rio Used Engines for Sale | Used Engines Cheap

Kia debuted in the spring of 2000 and has not stopped production since. The Kia started out as a sedan and sales were strong for its parent company Hyundai. Three different engine choices were offered to help buyers find the right mix of gas mileage and horsepower. The common displacements were 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6. Each of these 4-cylinder engines are built to last and we are proud to have them waiting for shipment in our warehouse. You can buy these Kia Rio used engines for sale directly from us at a cheap price. We know all about quality versus price here at www.GotEngines.com and do everything in our power to help you save money.

Kia is a great brand of Hyundai and millions of these vehicles have been sold in the U.S. Our staff of experts talk daily with professionals that represent distribution companies. We are working constantly to get the best inventory that we can for used engines. Some would say that our inventory is now the largest in the USA. While we have never had that statement verified, we can verify that we have millions of dollars in engines that are filling up our warehouse at the moment. We believe in Kia motors and these are what we offer in used configurations to our customers.

Kia Rio Used Engines for Sale

Kia did finally upgrade the Rio from a sedan to a crossover SUV. This version is the one that is taking the company into the future around the world. A larger V6 engine is inside of this version and the displacements are 2.4 and 2.7 respectively. This boost of horsepower is exactly what the SUV version of the Rio needs to compete. There is no difference in the quality of our V6 or our 4-cylinder engines besides the size. The engines still go through the same lengthy process of purchasing them that our other engines go through. We never let up our grip on our distributors until what we have in our inventory is the very best that Got Engines can offer worldwide.

No engine inventory that we have would be complete without our dedicated staff. When we are not importing Kio Rio engines, we are inspecting engines and cleaning them up to please all of our customers. Our damage inspection is pretty thorough and we do this for every used engine in stock. We never want to get a phone call from a customer that reports damage or defects in one of our engines. We attach warranties to all that we sell. We can report that we almost never have to take care of a warranty problem with a 4-cylinder or V6 Kia engine.

Kia Rio Used Engines for Sale Pricing

Price quotes are the heart of our online business. Customers appreciate how we deliver quotes and come back for more quotes daily. We don’t limit the number that we generate for a Kia Rio engine. Use the simple but structured form on this website. It will ensure you get accurate pricing and we always deliver the price fast. You can call 1-866-320-1065 at any time. We are always willing to assist customers and make the engine quote process very simple and stress-free.

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