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2.4L Model #KA24DE Nissan Truck Engines

The Nissan KA24DE engines are a fairly recent development in their automotive technology. It is a 2.4 Liter Fuel Injected 16-valve Dual Overhead Cam 4 Cylinder engine.The engine is actually a redesigned KA24E engine which has been used in Nissan pickups. It is available in the 240SX from 1990 up as well as the Altima from 1992 onward.

The engine responds very well to turbo, and is actually available as a stock turbo engine in Japan as the KA24DET.

These engines have also been proven to be quite tough. In fact the model KA24E/DE and KA24DE-R or KA24DER use turbochargers, which proves how durable these engines are. Turbocharging puts incredible stress on the ”bottom end” of an engine, any engine built from the factory to accept turbocharging has extremely strong integrity built right into the ”block assembly”. Making the non turbo charged versions nearly indestructible.

The KA24DE regardless of NA (naturally aspirated, non turbocharged) or turbocharged, is a popular performance engine swap. This engine is popular with swaps for its toughness, cheapness, availability, and simple design. It has seen the following engine compartments of these Nissan vehicles or vehicle using Nissan engines:

* Datsun B210
* Datsun 510
* Datsun 240z
* Datsun 260z
* Datsun 280z
* Nissan 89-90(Zenki)240sx
* Nissan 84-88 200sx
* Nissan and Datsun hard bodies
* Nissan Sentra
* Nissan Stanza
* Mazda RX-7

Don’t be shy, call us and speak with one of our trained, good natured staff members about the possibilities of using this tuff engine to replace a failed engine needing to be replaced, and the minimal components to do the swap. If you are looking for more power in your work truck, this makes a great swap out.

A factory turbocharger can be literally bolted on to this engine turning it into a tire burning monster. Versatility is this engines middle name.

Regardless of your needs we have an engine that suits you. One of our best values are rebuilt engines. These are remanufactured engines with a 12 month 12k parts warranty, the price includes shipping to any business address in the continental US. When you call GotEngines.com at 1-866-320-1065, ask us how to upgrade the warranty to 36 months or 36k on parts and labor.

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