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Nissan Engines RB Series for Sale, very affordable.

Nissan RB engines for sale, Red hot!!

Nissan RB engines for sale, Red hot!!

We have Nissan Engines, including the whole RB Series family. The RB26DETT engine is behind the Nissan Skyline GTR, there are also two other versions. The RB20DET and the RB25DET.

The baby of the family the RB20DET first appeared in the R31 Skyline as well as the R32. However later Skyline models switched to the larger capacity RB25DET for their performance variants.

The RB20DET also found a home in Nissan’s Laurels and other variations only sold in Japan. Though it has 215 hp on hand this engine was no wimp, but mated to heavy car bodies it had a lot of work to do. If you’re looking for an engine swap you can pick one up, but be careful as they’re getting to be a bit long in the tooth and for a little more you could have the bigger brother.

The strongman of Nissan’s performance inline six’s. The RB25DET was the engine powering the performance oriented RWD R33 and R34 skylines. With 250 hp available, it was well suited to the larger Skyline body shells, and was easy to modify by enthusiast for more power.

The ultimate. RB26DETT: This engine was built primarily for use in the GTR racing class. The twin turbocharged straight six was originally going to be a 2.4 liter in order to qualify for the Group A category. The decision was made to increase the size to 2.6 liters. With as much as 280 hp on deck and the quick response time of the twin boost turbos, this engine the ultimate version of Nissan’s inline six.

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