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VG, VR, VQ, Nissan Engines for Sale.

Nissan VG30DETT Engines for Sale

Nissan VG30DETT Engines for Sale

The VG series Nissan engines have been around in many versions since 1984. Japan’s first mass produced V6 engine.

Found in the 300ZX this twin turbocharged V6 never found particular success with the modifiers, despite coming from the factory with 300hp. Noted for its overheating problems when pushed past stock performance, this could be traced to casting faults with the cooling channels for the rear two cylinders. The fact remained that it needed to be stripped down in order to fix the cooling problem before it could be improved. This made the engine undesirable to modifiers who preferred to simply bolt on components.

VQ Series Engines
The successor to the VG engine, the VQ family have won a string of awards, including making Ward’s 10 best engines list since its inception. There are several variants in its capacity as well as turbocharged versions, however locally the VQ35DE remains the only performance version sold.

The VQ35 traveled to Australia under the hood of the 350Z. Producing between 287 to 306 hp it’s an extremely attractive option and has won a string of awards. Widely regarded as the current world benchmark for a production V6 engine it will no doubt attract a following. It can be hard to find one of these blocks currently due to their newness.

VR Series Engines, the Future.
Finally there is one last arrival due soon from Nissan. The twin turbocharged V6 VR38DETT, Nissan’s most powerful performance engine yet. This engine is slated for the all new GTR. With 473 hp from the factory one can only imagine what will happen when the aftermarket community get their hands on this beast.

You can see how well the VG, VR, VQ Nissan engines have served Nissan’s power requirements for many years. It is easy to identify your engine using the VIN, or vehicle identification number. Our highly trained sales staff will be glad to do that for you. Call now @ 1-866-320-1065 and discuss your situation with a member of our staff. Let us help you choose the best engine for your interests. GotEngines.com

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