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Toyota Prius Inverter / Assist Motors

Toyota Prius Inverter / Assist Motors

Toyota Prius Inverter / Assist Motors

The electricity inverter/converter unit (ICU) is the central intelligence agency of all of the electrical conversion activity in the Prius. It supplies the electricity to operate the electric assist drive motors. The inverter is a device that collects DC current and stores it in lots of batteries, then converts it into AC to power the assist motors. GotEngines.com is one of the first aftermarket companies to offer factory Toyota Prius Inverter and Assist motors for sale at fair prices.

The hybrid cars two assist motor units have clear duties. The MG1 recharges the high-voltage [200-Volt] nickel metal hydride battery pack [NiMH] located in the rear of the car and also sends direct power to drive the MG2 electric motor assembly. MG1 additionally acts as the electric motor used to start the gasoline engine component of the power train. The MG2 is the primary electric drive motor when energized and operates as the power generator during regenerative braking process.

Both MG1 and MG2 are permanent-magnet three-phase electric motors, providing plenty of torque when ac power is provided, thus producing output power when rotated from outside sources [either the Atkinson cycle gas engine or the wheel rotation during regenerative braking].

Since the Prius still needs a conventional electrical battery and system to operate common accessories like instruments, interior lighting and accessories such as electric windows and door locks, the ICU also incorporates a step-down conversion circuit from the 200-V NiMH battery to the 12-V car subsystem, where a conventional lead-acid battery is used.

We take a lot of pride in being one of the first vendors of top quality Toyota Prius inverter assemblies and the electric drive assist motors. Locating Prius components is going to be a hot topic. When you have a question or need a question answered regarding buying hybrid drive line components like Prius inverters and assist motors [MG1] [MG2], call the company who stays ahead of the competition. Call GotEngines.com for the best Toyota drive-line components at affordable prices.

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