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Volvo VED12D Diesel Engines for Sale

Volvo makes a line-up of On-Highway, over the road truck diesel engines. The one called model Ved12D is an inline six cylinder big rig truck diesel engine known for extraordinary reliability and life. I specifically used the term Volvo VED12D Diesel Engines for sale because I wanted you to know that these are Truck motors, not [...]

 Diesel Engines and Motors; Isuzu 4BD2TC for Sale

Diesel Engines and Motors; Isuzu 4BD2TC for Sale ASAP

One of the things we do the best is sell over the road diesel truck engines and medium duty delivery and service truck motors. One item in demand are Isuzu 4BD2TC Diesel Motors for sale. Our customers range from ordinary folks who use [...]

Isuzu 6HE1XN Diesel Engines for Sale

The 6HE1XN is a versatile and dependable six cylinder Isuzu diesel engine. One of several in the 6H-Series of Isuzu engines. The 6H engines can be used for a variety of purposes; excavators, fork lifts, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, generators, air compressors and pumps. An engine for fixed installations primarily, Isuzu 6HE1XN Diesel Engines for [...]

6.9 International Engine for sale

Most people have little or no idea what an International 6.9L engines is, until I mention that was the venerable diesel engine first used in Ford F-Series Pickup trucks. Developed In March of 1978, by a combined effort of the International Harvester Corporation and Ford Motor Company, a suitable diesel engine that would eventually change [...]

Perkins 404C-22 Diesel Engines

Perkins 404C-22 Diesel Engines

The Perkins 400 Series diesel engines is a family of compact diesel engines for light duty commercial products like generators. Used in fork lifts and other similar sized equipment not generally used for the road. The line of 400 series motors was developed in strict compliance with customer [...]

Chevrolet diesel engines

Chevy Diesel Engines..Customer Service #1

The GM light-truck diesel engines 6.2L and 6.5L diesel engines were introduced in 1982 as an optional engine in the 1982-2000 C/K series pickup trucks. Always was available as an option in the GMC and Chevy Suburban, Chevy – GMC Blazer, Yukon & Jimmy, large bread type [...]

Used Cummins Engines

Used Cummins Engines

Looking for a used Cummins Engine? Or do you have a fleet of trucks with Cummins diesel engines and need multiple engines, or a reliable supplier who has inventory ready to ship ASAP? We have built our used engines business around supplying construction equipment, commercial over the road trucks [...]

Diesel Mercedes Engine

No automobile company has a longer history with diesel engines than Mercedes-Benz. This engine in the video below came of a old Mercedes L312 truck that had been sitting in a field for more than 30 years. It started without connecting the glow plugs in relative few cranks. Mercedes-Benz says that the 260D, introduced in 1936, [...]

Runaway Diesel

Runaway Diesel Engines

Since I was a 4 year older, I’ve loved everything about engines. When I was almost 10 years old, I loved to take apart and play with small engines in lawnmowers, my go carts, my mini bikes and anything that had a motor in it, I even remember a [...]

5.9 Cummins Engine For Sale

Dodge Ram 5.9l Cummins Engines For Sale

Dodge was late to release diesel engines to power their light trucks in 1989. However, their competitive edge was the 5.9L Cummins 12-valve, the first turbo-diesel to appear in a 1-ton truck. The B 5.9 was later replaced by a 24-valve version of the 5.9L [...]