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Buy Caterpillar 3126B Diesel Engines

The Caterpillar 3126B engine is an inline-six, three-valve, four-stroke, turbocharged HEUI (hydraulic electronically-controlled unit injection) diesel. The 3126B engine has the highest output of the Caterpillar mid-range diesel engines, and ranks just below the smallest of their heavy-duty diesel engines.

 Customers who buy our Caterpillar 3126B Diesel Engines tell us how wonderful the whole engine [...]

Cummins ISM Diesel Engines for Sale

The Cummins ISM Sets The Bar For High Performance Diesel Engines 
 The beauty of the Cummins ISM diesel engines for sale rests in its ability to satisfy every emissions requirement without special fuels or expensive after-treatments. This inline six engine is perfect for heavy duty trucks, shuttle buses, emergency vehicles, and recreational vehicles. 

When it’s compared to [...]

Buy Chevrolet Express Van 6.6 Duramax Turbo Diesel Engines

One of the many new features for the 2011 General Motors Duramax 6.6L turbo Diesel engines are that they are compatible with B-20 biodiesel. The B-20 biodiesel is an alternative fuel that blends 80 percent conventional diesel, and 20-percent biodiesel. This blend of diesel reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and lowers reliance on the need for [...]

Dodge 6.7L Cummins Engines For Sale

If you’re looking for Dodge 6.7L Cummins engines for sale, then this is the article for you. Here, we’ll cover the improvements of the 6.7L over the 5.9L predecessor. The engine is also compared against the competing engines offered by Ford and General Motors. You’ll also learn about part availability, emissions and, of course, pure [...]

Volvo VED12D Diesel Engines for Sale

Volvo makes a line-up of On-Highway, over the road truck diesel engines. The one called model Ved12D is an inline six cylinder big rig truck diesel engine known for extraordinary reliability and life. I specifically used the term Volvo VED12D Diesel Engines for sale because I wanted you to know that these are Truck motors, not [...]

Detroit 12.7L Diesel Engines for Sale

Detroit 12.7L Diesel Engines for sale

The Series 60 engines designed and manufactured by Detroit Diesel have been produced for almost 24 years now. That in itself is a good measurement of how to determine a products worth, the test of time. These particular models of Detroit 12.7L Diesel Engines for sale are the [...]

Cat Engines

Caterpillar engines are also known as Cat engines. A specialty company designing and selling diesel engines and machinery for extra large trucks and equipment. One of the oldest and best tractor [semi rig; on highway] engine manufacturers, they now build engines for the large [semi] trucks/trailers on the highway transporting practically everything we buy nowadays. Caterpillar [...]

Toyota-Hino J08E-TE Diesel Engines for Sale

We received a request for a Nissan JO8E-TE diesel engine. There is no such thing. I’m writing this post to show you how close certain engine names and or part numbers may be from manufacturer to manufacturer, making it important to have the proper ID when ordering J08E-TE Diesel Engines for Sale made by Toyota-Hino. With [...]

GM 6.5L TE Engine for sale

Designed as a diesel engine from the ground up by the Detroit Diesel Division of General Motors, the original 6.2L diesel engine was introduced in the 1982 model year in GMC and Chevy C/K pickup trucks and full-size SUV lines. This engine received some design changes in the 1992 model year, the result was [...]

GMC Sierra 3500 HD Pickup engine for sale

GMC Sierra 3500 HD Pickup engine for sale

The GMC Sierra 3500 HD was first introduced to the American marketplace for the 1990 model year. This one-ton, heavy duty pickup was developed to compete directly with the other two Americium truck manufacturers. The GMC Sierra 3500HD is primarily used as a commercial [...]