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Do Diesel Engines Use Regular Oil?

Do diesel engines use regular oil? The short answer is no. Diesel engines are internal combustion engines, however they don’t use a spark plug to ignite the fuel mixture, they use compression, lots of cylinder pressure. Did you know oil spontaneously explodes when put under a certain amount of pressure? In the process of combustion [...]

What size engine is in my car?

That is a good question. Lots of folks think what size engine is in my car but don’t really care. Until perhaps that info is needed, for what ever reasons. You would think it’s easy to figure out, yet in many cases it’s like looking for something that should be obvious, yet seems to be [...]

How long does it take to replace a car engine?

How long does it take to replace a car engine?

An exact time for engine replacement can not be made, in the course of replacing an auto engine, complications may occur. Every engine replacement job takes a different length of time. Different cars present different degrees of difficulty also. Old vehicles [...]

SRT8 V8 6.1 Engine for Sale

The SRT-8 is a special version of the Dodge Charger introduced in 2005, basically as a performance vehicle. Equipped with the 6.1L Hemi head engine and featured upgrades in the brakes, using Brembo brakes [Porsche uses Brembo brakes!] and a stiffer suspension. We stock a Dodge SRT8 V8 6.1 engine for sale, fully equipped and [...]

GMC Envoy Engines for Sale

If you own a repair shop one of our main goals is to help you make more money. As an engine repair shop owner you already know that using the best parts saves money in the long run. Like I was telling my long time old fashioned mechanic friend [best mechanic in town] [Shepherds Automotive, [...]

4.0L SOHC Ford V6 engine for sale

The 4.0L SOHC Ford V6 engine introduced by Ford in 1997 is produced in Cologne, Germany and only fitted to American vehicles. Don’t mistake this 4L motor for the OHV designed engine produced until 2000. Which was used in the Ford Explorer, Ford Aerostar, Mazda B4000 and Ford Ranger. You stopped at [...]

f 250 engine

The first F series Ford pickup trucks were introduced in 1948, it’s seems hard to believe. The original F 250 was designated an F-2 or 3/4 ton pickup truck with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 5,700 pounds. It was actually in 1953 (the year I was born) when Ford decided to change the [...]

mitsubishi v6 engine

Mitsubishi v6 Engines

When searching for a Mitsubishi v6 engine the big question is which one of the three families does the engine belong to. For those who want to know there are three families of v6 Mitsubishi engines. All three families of engines are used primarily in it’s midsized lines, compacts [...]

3500 engine

3500 engine

What brand and type of vehicle do you own, or is it a truck? It may have a Chevrolet 3500 engine or is a Dodge Ram 3500 engine? Possibly is it an Oldsmobile Intrigue 3500 LX5 V6 engine, used in 1999? Produced by the Premium engine group at [...]

Engines For Sale In Stock, Ready to Ship.

Engines For Sale

There are three entirely different generational age groups of consumers to cater to. Each generation has different tastes in style, interior packages, luxuries, sports package expectations and engines of their car, requiring constantly balancing of inventory and information that suits everybody’s needs. Understanding how [...]