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Do Diesel Engines Use Regular Oil?

Do diesel engines use regular oil? The short answer is no. Diesel engines are internal combustion engines, however they don’t use a spark plug to ignite the fuel mixture, they use compression, lots of cylinder pressure. Did you know oil spontaneously explodes when put under a certain amount of pressure? In the process of combustion [...]

Who Invented the Motor Car?

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This is kind of a loaded question, which could warrant a much longer answer. OK, The key being “motor car”. Asking, what type of motor do you mean? An ICE [internal combustion engine], such as the type of engines used since the turn of the century? Steam cars, which [...]

How to Find an Oil Filter on Car Engine

How to Find an Oil Filter on Car Engine

More people want to start to change their own engine oil and filter in this day and age then ever before because of the poor economy. For more than 20 years, it’s been customary to go to an oil change place or perhaps [...]

How to Clean Car Engines

It sounds crazy, but we get calls from folks asking questions like, how to clean car engines. It is not crazy really, in fact it’s a good idea to ask such a question before pouring soap on your engine and hosing it off. There are several viable methods of cleaning your engine. For whatever the [...]

What size engine is in my car?

That is a good question. Lots of folks think what size engine is in my car but don’t really care. Until perhaps that info is needed, for what ever reasons. You would think it’s easy to figure out, yet in many cases it’s like looking for something that should be obvious, yet seems to be [...]

How Engines Work

How engines work? A good question that often gets overlooked. An engine, the type of engines cars and trucks use is called an Internal Combustion Engines [ICE]. Because the preponderance of vehicles use ICE’s, we will focus on the such. Both gasoline auto engines and diesel engines are of the ICE variety. Except for the [...]

Toyota Venza Engines for Sale

Toyota Venza Engines for Sale

Toyota just introduced the Venza, in 2008 to be exact. It seems unlikely, yet GotEngines.com receives inquiries regarding replacement Toyota Venza Engines for sale on occasion, already. A mid sized cross over wagon, it was designed to compete directly with Honda Crosstour. It is an American car [...]

Nissan Murano Engines for Sale

Murano-Group-V-6-with-VVT Engines

My wife comments on how much she likes the Nissan Murano and how pretty it looks. It’s too bad she won’t get one. The Murano is a stylish mid-sized crossover SUV and was first sold in 2003 as the first generation. GotEngines.com has all models of Nissan Murano engines for [...]

Hyundai Tucson Engines for Sale

The Hyundai Tucson is a newer vehicle. Introduced by Hyundai in 2004, and currently being produced. It is of the compact crossover family and uses a front wheel drive setup, and an all wheel drive setup/four wheel drive system for rough geographic areas.. Derived from the name of the City in Arizona, Tucson. We have [...]

GEO Metro Engines For Sale

The Geo Metro was a true mini car, available in America from 1989 to 2001 under the Chevrolet name. The car was a joint effort between GM and Suzuki. A simple, yet extreme example of a basic, small inexpensive high fuel mileage car. Being a simple car, only two engines were offered in the US [...]