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Do Diesel Engines Use Regular Oil?

Do diesel engines use regular oil? The short answer is no. Diesel engines are internal combustion engines, however they don’t use a spark plug to ignite the fuel mixture, they use compression, lots of cylinder pressure. Did you know oil spontaneously explodes when put under a certain amount of pressure? In the process of combustion [...]

VW [B6] Passat Engines for sale

The Volkswagen Passat is a very successful car. I want to discuss the Passat B6, which was made from 2005 to 2010. The reason I’m choosing this car is because a friend of mine has one, a 2006 model with the 3.2 liter FSI V6 engine coded AXZ. He was very concerned and wanted me [...]

Ford Crate Engines

Ford Crate engines For Sale @ GotEngines.com

Are you curious about Crate engines? It is not quite as well known to the public as a term most people use for replacement engines, such as ‘used’ or ‘rebuilt’. Anybody looking for a ‘new’ engine may want to consider a crate engine. Don’t get [...]

Muscle Car Owners Request Crate Engines

GotEngines.com has Crate engines for Sale. Thumb Up.

One request that is starting to pick up some steam are people looking for original equipment crate engines for muscle cars as old as the ’60’s. Maybe that’s a sign the economy is a bit better. Muscle car owners can be choosy to [...]

Turbo Diesel Crate Engines Sales Center

A great deal of the turbo diesel crate engines we sell go to small business owners who count on their vehicles to make a living. So when a major failure like an engine for instance happens, good products and fast service have to happen in order to solve the problem. It’s not like every small [...]

V-8 Engine Blocks Machined From Sold Aluminum.

This video represents the amazing process of machining an engine block out of one sold piece of aluminum, the V8 Engine Block is Machined on a Matsuura 5 axis MAM72-63V CNC state of the art Machine Tool. CNC is an acronym for ”computer numerically controlled”. This means that once a lathe specialist programs the computer [...]

Are You Thinking Of A Brand New Engine?

Lots of people don’t even look at the option of buying a Brand New engine. The word ‘new’ just scares people to death, compared to words like: used engine or rebuilt/reconditioned/remanufactured/overhauled engine. The educated, qualified consumer would absolutely look into a new engine.

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What exactly is a new engine? I know [...]