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Cummins 5.9 Diesel Engines For Sale

The Cummins “B” Diesel Engine Went into Production in 1984 
The Cummins “B” diesel engine was originally designed for tractors, combines, cranes, loaders, road graders, and marine applications. In 1989 The Dodge Truck Division needed a powerful diesel to compete with GM who had been using diesel engines in their pickups since 1978, and Ford who [...]

Cummins Engines for Sale

Cummins diesel engines manufacture commercial grade diesel engines for applications ranging from massive on-highway trucks, off-highway commercial equipment, light duty pickup trucks and electricity power-plants. Considered unparalleled in reliability and lifespan. Most of the people who are searching for Cummins engines for sale know exactly what they have. Cummins is a technology leader in the [...]

Dodge Ram Engines for Sale

The Dodge Ram is one of the most popular pickup truck lines in the world. The trucks are priced well, have an extraordinary lineup of luxury accessories and use some of the finest power-trains available, including a Cummins inline 6 cylinder diesel. Suffice it to say GotEngines.com is a qualified reseller of Dodge Ram engines [...]