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How Long Does a Car Motor Last?

That is a question that could have several answers. So many items can play into the lifespan of an engine. Did you buy the vehicle new? What type of maintenance did the engine have? What is the vehicle used for? And then you have variables you can’t predict. So, how long does a car [...]

Do Diesel Engines Use Regular Oil?

Do diesel engines use regular oil? The short answer is no. Diesel engines are internal combustion engines, however they don’t use a spark plug to ignite the fuel mixture, they use compression, lots of cylinder pressure. Did you know oil spontaneously explodes when put under a certain amount of pressure? In the process of combustion [...]

How to Find an Oil Filter on Car Engine

How to Find an Oil Filter on Car Engine

More people want to start to change their own engine oil and filter in this day and age then ever before because of the poor economy. For more than 20 years, it’s been customary to go to an oil change place or perhaps [...]

How to Clean Car Engines

It sounds crazy, but we get calls from folks asking questions like, how to clean car engines. It is not crazy really, in fact it’s a good idea to ask such a question before pouring soap on your engine and hosing it off. There are several viable methods of cleaning your engine. For whatever the [...]

What size engine is in my car?

That is a good question. Lots of folks think what size engine is in my car but don’t really care. Until perhaps that info is needed, for what ever reasons. You would think it’s easy to figure out, yet in many cases it’s like looking for something that should be obvious, yet seems to be [...]

How long does it take to replace a car engine?

How long does it take to replace a car engine?

An exact time for engine replacement can not be made, in the course of replacing an auto engine, complications may occur. Every engine replacement job takes a different length of time. Different cars present different degrees of difficulty also. Old vehicles [...]

How Engines Work

How engines work? A good question that often gets overlooked. An engine, the type of engines cars and trucks use is called an Internal Combustion Engines [ICE]. Because the preponderance of vehicles use ICE’s, we will focus on the such. Both gasoline auto engines and diesel engines are of the ICE variety. Except for the [...]

Acura TL Engines for Sale

Do you know what one of the best selling luxury sedans in the USA is? The Acura TL. It’s a mid sized sports sedan introduced in 1995 to replace the Vigor. Acura has produced 4 generations of the TL. Yet, for a Japanese car, it’s interesting that the latest TL model is only sold in [...]

VW POLO V 1.6 TDI DSG7 Engines for Sale

Ever heard of the VW Polo? It’s a super mini car, a subcompact car built by VW and sold in several variations of trim levels, including a hatchback, saloon, coupe and estate model. It’s been sold since 1975, now in it’s seventh generation, most of the talk will be on newer engines from the [...]

GMC Acadia Engines for Sale

GMC Acadia Engines for Sale LY7

The GMC Acadia is one of newer generation of stylish crossover SUV vehicles. It is General Motors first crossover vehicle. It’s a mid priced vehicle and so far only one engine is available. It replaces the GMC Envoy and GMC Safari. Want to know more about [...]