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Toyota Camry 2.2 liter-up to 99 4 cyl. Engines for Sale.

Toyota 5SFE 2.2L Engines for Sale

Toyota 5SFE 2.2L Engines for Sale

These Toyota Camry engines were essentially the same basic designs as the 3S-FE, a 2.0 L twin camshaft, single cam gear engine built by Toyota from 1986 to 2000. But features an increased stroke and slightly increased bore. The total displacement was increased to 2.2 Liters. It was only marketed for the American and Australian markets.

These are members of the Toyota S- family of engines. The S-family is one of the staples of Toyota engine design. Used in various sizes and forms from 1982 to 2001.

The engines I’m am talking about are fully rebuilt engines. Every rebuilt engine we sell has the value built right into it. That means it has been cleaned up good enough to eat off of. Then fully inspected and all worn, damaged or normally replaced parts are trashed.

While the new parts are being gathered some of the engine components go through a special machining process controlled by computerized lathes. Needless to say upon reassembly we use premium grade parts, no generics at all.

Anywhere an engine can be upgrades technologically for increase performance and fuel economy, that is included. Once the engine is fully assembled it then is put on a machine to pre test it and do an initial break in. The machine is called an engine dynamo-meter.

After running the engine for about a half an hour on the ”dyno”, and it passes all of the tests, we are very confident that once the fresh engine is installed by a professional, it will run perfectly from the first start up. That is why we say we build value right into the engine.

Another thing we do, that most other engine suppliers don’t do is, supply any other gaskets you may need for the engine swap over process. It saves time and money having all of the parts and accessories with the engine, instead of running around town finding them.

Every rebuilt engine comes with a 12 month or 12000 mile warranty standard, with an optional 36 month or 36000 mile available for hardly anything more. Make sure to ask when you call. There is a warranty for every persons needs.

When you Call GotEngines.com, it is all about the customer experience. We want to relieve the pain involved in going through a process like this. Call us at 1-866-320-1065 and speak with a trained courteous representative about how we can outfit you with a the best rebuilt engines anywhere.

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