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Toyota MR2 Engine

Toyota Motors

Toyota is known for its sport scars produced throughout the world. One of the first to gain popularity in the U.S. was the MR2 series. This two-seat vehicle was first produced in the 1984 year. A variety of different motors were used to power the MR2. GotEngines.com is one trusted company online selling used Toyota MR2 engine units for excellent prices.

The Central Motors company was a division of Toyota in the 1980s. This division produced the MR2 for global distribution. The very first engine used in this sports car was the 1.5. These were above average four-cylinder motors that were used in both Japanese and American builds. Toyota quickly upgraded the engine power with a 1.6 edition that was known as a supercharged build.

Used Toyota MR Engines: Standard and Turbo

The MR2 was offered as the Spyder in the U.S. after the 1990 year. These featured the 1.8 edition motors. Additional modifications to horsepower by Central Motors and Toyota helped produce the 2.0 turbo and the larger 2.2. The MR2 finished its production run in 2007 although these cars remain popular in preowned condition. The imported motors found on this resource are OEM Toyota builds available.

A warranty is essential with any standard or turbo edition. There are often many miles placed on used condition engines. What can help a customer save money on expensive repairs is having a great warranty program. Got Engines is one of the engine dealers that specializes in long-term parts coverage. Most of the components that are installed in the used Toyota motors in the company inventory are protection in a long-term plan.

Toyota MR2 Engine Price Quotes

Because the MR2 sport scar is out of production, location a motor that has low mileage can be a real challenge. The acquisitions that are completed for the inventory posted on this website helps to uncover low mileage assemblies. All of the standard and turbo MR2 motors on this website are quoted using the easy quotes tool. The box at the top of every page allows warehouse research for pricing online.

Every quotation that is administered through this website can also be found by phone. A toll-free number for support is provided aside from the standard GotEngines.com resources. An actual person answers phone calls quickly to distribute prices to interested people. An in-depth search of the warehouse computer system can reveal in stock prices and incentives for freight in the U.S.

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