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Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Packs for Sale

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Packs are for sale

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Packs are for sale

Upon examination, one can find two different battery types found in a Prius. The first is an ordinary lead-acid (Pb-A) 12v automotive battery which is commonly found in most vehicles on the road. The second is the main hybrid driving battery pack, which is specific to hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). We at GotEngines.com are primarily concerned with the latter, Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Packs for Sale.

Starting in 2004 to the current models, the standard Prius battery is a Panasonic Metal Case Prismatic Module. Prior to 2004 and as early as 2002 the battery used was a Panasonic Plastic Case Prismatic Module. The first generation was sold only in Japan only [1997-2002]. The generation one battery pack was very bulky, it took up the entire space between the trunk and the cabin. This led to changes in the Generation II models whose battery packs were considerably smaller and more reliable.

This is the one item that nobody has been talking about, the replacement costs for batteries. Why? Because nobody is replacing them. That’s what I thought until I received a message from a reader, who works in the real estate industry in Normal, Ill. Jack wrote, “My 2001 Toyota Prius lasted 5 years 3 months, and 113,500 miles. And then the batteries lost their juice. The Toyota dealer estimated the replacement cost close to $7,000.”

Jack told me that Toyota had been “no help at all.” He called a different Toyota dealer only to recieve a bigger estimate of $8,000 ish. Even worse, Jack discovered that the Toyota shop had another 2001 Prius with a bad battery. Jack wrote, “Toyota doesn’t want these battery issues to get out to the public. How could there be two 2001 Prius’s in the same shop at the same time, if they have had no problems with the batteries?”

Have you thought about replacing your Prius batteries and what you would do? GotEngines.com is one of the first engine/drive-line companies to offer top quality replacement Prius Hybrid battery packs for sale at affordable prices.

To find out more about the entire Prius drive line, call one of the first companies to train their employees in hybrid drive line problems and replacement parts. Selling Hybrid drive-line parts is one reason we lead the competition. We are a full service engine replacement company, and that includes Hybrids. Call now.

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