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Pros and Cons Of Second Hand or Used Engines?

Our well educated engine replacement specialists can help you decide what engine is in your best interest depending on your specific needs. The process goes better if the consumer has a good idea of what is in their best interest. The article on Startegies on how to choose a replacement engine and understanding how to achieve your goal is a real bonus. Partly because the process is easier to execute mostly because having a good idea of what is going on will keep you from being taken advantage of. Of course GotEngines.com is a highly qualified company with the tools to get you on the road for an affordable price and no wasted rhetoric.

So, what are the pros and cons of a good used, second hand or pre-owned engine? No matter what you call it, they are all used engines, the used engines sold by GotEngines,com are low mileage engines with excellent warranties because they come out of wrecked cars. The lower the mileage the better. Don’t become confused, just because it may be called a pre-owned or second hand engine does not make it different than a used engine.

There are many pros to a good used engine with low mileage. I define low mileage as below 50,000 miles. We know an engine can last hundreds of thousands of miles with good maintenance. By purchasing a second hand motor with low mileage from a wreck, we would get an engine that has lots of life in it. We also get an engine that is complete and ready to be installed by a qualified auto repair shop.

What do I mean by a ‘complete engine’? In most cases if you buy a rebuilt , remanufactured or reconditioned engine it may not be complete. Meaning that some of the components off the old engine need to be transferred to the fresh new engine. Parts like the water pump, thermostat, intake manifold and fuel injection needs swapping, you may even need to swap engine oil pans and all the air conditioning and alternator parts too. Not only is that more work, obviously costing more to install, but, think about this, the air conditioner and alternator and other accessories that may need swapping from the damaged engine to a new engine may be hi-mileage also. Since many suppliers of used or second hand engines leave these accessories on the engine, you have just eliminated almost certain and rapid failures to those components. Remember, they may be a old and worn out and waiting to fail just like your engine.

This option may be a viable solution for many people looking for an affordable dependable replacement engine. It is not the only option and tomorrow we will discuss reconditioned, remanufactured or rebuilt motors. Once you decide you can call and talk with an engine specialist at GotEngines.com and discuss your needs with someone that knows how to fit you with the right engine. Make sure you ask our experts about the variety of warranties available. Yes, even on used engines. Some of the warranties are long term, as a long as the life of the part. At a minimum I would get a parts and labor warranty to ensure that no matter where you go, you will be covered in full if things don’t work out, at no cost to you at all.

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  4. Peter de Jong says:

    Sorry, my website is still being built!

    Question: what is the difference between second hand and used?

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