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Volkswagen VW Engines For Sale

Volkswagen VW Engines For Sale

Deciphering the various Volkswagen-VW engines and combination’s of gasoline and diesel motors can turn into a brain twister without the proper knowledge. It gets pretty messy when you get into the thick of thin things. This short post is one step in the sorting out process.

The 1.6L diesel motor is first and foremost the same version of the diesel engine that was a factory install in older 80’s Jettas. This is a motor without a turbo, naturally aspirated as we call them. This was not a bad decision by Volkswagen from the factory in the Golf or Jetta, and obviously was a fuel miser. But, the diesel powered vans are often retrofitted to the powerful pancake/flat 4-cylinder turbo-diesels or gasoline engines when an engine replacement is needed.

The 2.0L air-cooled 4-cylinder gasoline engine for all practical purposes a modern version of the 1.8Liter motors used midway through the 70’s buses. A similar version of this 70 HP power unit was also used in the Porsche 914-4. These engines are also known as Type 4 or “pancake” motors due to their tight, efficient flat engine design with a “blower cage” type cooling fan and fan shrouding covering the entire back end of the engine.

These are durable motors and have a fairly simple fuel injection system. Vans with a healthy 2.0L motor will cruise acceptably on the highway at 70mph, unloaded, however long grades usually drop your speed down accordingly, no extra power.

The 1968 through 1979 buses were available with four totally different versions of the air-cooled four cylinder engines.

The 1.8 Liter Type 4 engines are much the same as the later 2.0L pancake power-plants in design. These particular engines had to use fuel injection for the continental US and Canada versions to meet emission purposes.

The 1.7 Liter Type 4 motor is air cooled and was the first production year and model year of the “flat motor” used in the VW Transporter models, made from 1972 through 1973. This engine had two finicky old carburetors. Versions of this motor had previously been used in the Volkswagen Type 4 cars.

The 1.6L air-cooled Type 1 engines were the same engines used in VW Beetles and from buses from 1968-1971. Because this the engine case was designed specifically for the bus. This motor has additional mounting brackets built into the back of the engine case.

There is not enough room or time to get more involved in every specification and detail of every VW engine. Our trained sales staff is equipped with specialized software programs that determines which replacement engine is in your best interests, by vehicle model. Let our educated staff listen to your engine problems and provide you with a solution that fits your budget. GotEngines.com @ 1-866-320-1065.

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