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Buy a Remanufactured 2.7 L Dodge Motor Now for Less

In most of the cases when a motor fails, getting another motor fast is of prime importance. One of the engines we get calls for all the time is the 2.7 liter V6 engine Dodge and or Chrysler built from 1998 to 2002. Being the perfect size and having exactly the right amount of power, it was a hit in the cars Dodge chose to use it.

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I suspect hundreds of thousands of these motors were used in all sorts of Dodge and Chrysler products. Since 2001 several commonly reported complaints regarding the 2.7 liter engine regarding timing chain failure and engine failure, caused by oil sludge buildup have been registered.

The defective engine is found in these vehicles:
1. 1998-2002 Chrysler Concorde
2. Chrysler 300M
3. Sebring
4. 2002 Dodge Stratus
5. 1998-2002 Dodge Intrepid
6. 2000 Dodge Durango.

Perhaps there are more applications too. Your friendly professional at can tell you exactly what motor is in your car if you have the vehicle identification number ready. It’s on your registration. 1-941-269-8284.

Only one sensible choice is available to solve both of your problems. What I mean is, number one, we can supply you with a competent replacement remanufactured engine. Number two, our replacement motors are remanufactured without the innate problems. Simply put, we use approved updates and parts to eliminate the reason these engines had so many “sludge” related failures.

A remanufactured motor, done right is a true value in anyone’s eyes. For what you will pay for it, and the amount of trouble free service it will deliver, it will exceed your expectations easily. Another side benefit is our engines is they run better than the new engines with the updates we use. That is a hard combination to beat for a fair price.

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Toyota Supra Motors For Sale Affordable Prices

The Toyota Supra Started an Auto Revolution in the US
Back in 1970 Toyota was trying to identify the ingredients that would make them a US auto powerhouse. The innovative-ness and creativity of the Japanese auto makers was just beginning to surface when the first Celica was introduced to the Japanese market. The Celica was a semi-clone of the 1967 2000GT. sells Toyota Supra Motors For Sale Affordable Prices.

Toyota paid its respect to the 2000GT by using the name on later Celica and Supra models. In 1971 the first Celica ST arrived in the US. It was equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission and a 1.9 litre 8R-C SOHC 4-cylinder engine. In 1972 the larger 18R-C Supra motor replace the original. Sales increased even though the engine lost 11 horsepower due to emission control standards.

In 1974 the GT model was introduced, and in 1975 the 2.2 liter redesigned 20R Supra engine replaced the outdated 18R Supra engine. In 1976 Celica was named, “Import car Of The Year” since it had Mustang like features, especially when the hatchback was introduced. In 1978 the first 2.6 liter, 110 horsepower inline 6-cylinder Supra engine was under the hood, but that heavy weight engine didn’t get the high marks it was designed to receive.

Toyota Knew It Had a Winner in the Supra Motor
Toyota continue to redesign the Supra motor. By 1984 the Supra engine could hit 60 mph in 8.6 seconds, which thrilled the Celica groupies that were hooked on Toyota’s ponycar. A Celica convertible was introduced in 1985 and in 1986 Toyota decided to split the Supra engine. Toyota introduced a Celica engine and a Supra engine. The Celica engine was a front-wheel drive engine, and the new Supra engine became the S series, which replaced the original R series.

During the 1990s the Camry became a superstar and the 5S-FE Supra engine played a big role in its success. In 1993 a new Supra engine hits the market as a twin-turbo 320 horsepower beauty with a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission. The VVT-i Supra engine enter the market in 1999. It helped Toyota maintain their stature in the US auto market, and it continues to play that role.

We sell different Supra engines. Call now for more information.

Boss 302 Motors for Sale Remanufactured to Specs

The 1960s Mustang Needed Sales Help by 1969
The Mustang has no rival is a matter of fact, and it still is in the active mode today. Even though the 1964 Mustang was first on the muscle scene, the 289 and the 390 cubic inch Ford engines were no match for Chevy’s small and big block engines, especially when the Camaro was introduced in 1967. Ford did a little scrambling and introduced the Boss 302 Motors for Sale. Remanufactured to Specs by
Ford engineers.

Ford’s brightest task masters came up with a noble idea. They combined the tunnel port Windsor block from their Windsor Ontario plant with large Cleveland heads from their Cleveland plant and produced the Boss 302 V8 engine. Mustangs hit the assembly line with new power, and the car world found a new love interest.

The ironic part about this new engine was the fact that a former GM employee actually designed the Boss 302 Mustang; Ford added a little salt to GM’s Trans Am and Camaro sales wounds. The distinct styling, which included optional black horizontal window shades and blackout hood, was complimented by a rear deck wing and front spoiler. The 1970 Boss could hit 0 to 60 in 6.9 seconds. The 4-speed manual transmission and Boss 302 V8 with its free-breathing Cleveland heads that had valves larger than most engines made the Mustang a prized possession.

The Boss 302 V8 and the Mustang Cobra became so popular that it was immortalized by Matchbox and Hot Wheels. The 1969 and 1970 Boss 302 Mustang became a die cast reproduction model car.

Ford Reintroduced the 302 Engine For 2012
Ford revived the Boss 302 for the 2012 selling year by taking a standard 2011 Mustang GT, 5.0 litre V8 and adding an upgraded intake system. That change produced a 444 horsepower screaming beauty that was a full 32 horsepower stronger than the 2011 model. The new Boss 302 generates 380 ft-lbs of torque. It’s equipped with a 6-speed MT-82 manual transmission. The aero package is copied from the Boss 302R race car. The Mustang is still in it to win it even though the Camaro sold more cars than Mustang for the first time in history in 2010. sells the Boss 302 motor as a fully remanufactured unit using better than new parts. For more information email or call us now.

Rolls Royce Motors for Sale

Rolls-Royce Phantom Engines for Sale

Rolls-Royce Phantom Engines for Sale

Rolls Royce has been in business since 1904. The company proceeded to manufacture auto engines and aircraft engines as a sole manufacturer for many years, until 1998, when it became a parent to the BMW group of cars and equipment. Rolls Royce automotive engine history is hard to follow based on the uniqueness of said car. And overall motor manufacturing diversity. Since that time BMW has been the sole owner. Even if you are interested in an earlier [pre BMW] Rolls Royce motor for sale, consider it covered by

For instance, the Rolls Royce Phantom, which has been in production since 2003 uses a BMW motor. It has a V12 gas motor with 6.75 liters of capacity. Using a total of 48 valves the engine produces a whopping 453 smooth luxurious horsepower. Derived from the BMW N73 V12 engine family.

The motor uses direct cylinder fuel injection, and is a drive by wire design, using valvetronic technology. The power output is controlled by infinitely varying valve lift, moving the rockers and rocker fulcrums with electric servos, rather than using a convention hydraulic lifter setup.

Another unique Rolls Royce is The Rolls-Royce 100 EX [EX stands for experimental model]. Using a massive 9 liter V16 gasoline motor made by BMW. Manufactured for a short period of time before converting back to a V12 design, with 550 cubic inches of ground moving torque. V16 engines were not used in cars very much.

If you study the history of Rolls Royce, the company bases every value from it’s paradigm of making the highest quality motors and cars in the world. A huge manufacturer of aircraft motors from the beginning. Motor cars are only one division of the company.

Rolls Royce is a much larger and more diversified company than most people know about. Contrary to most beliefs they are very active in other segments of the motor industry that uses special and ultra reliable motors, at any cost.

If you are searching for a replacement motor for your Rolls Royce, trust a company who’s shares the same beliefs concerning quality and reliability at a cost most folks consider quite reasonable. shares the belief that supplying the finest replacement motors is the least expensive way to go regarding an engine replacement.

Rolls Royce owners are sensitive about money. They are sensitive about wasting money on substandard motors and the parts for their cars. What I mean to say is that the right engine for any car is a bargain. Call now and find out how we have built the confidence levels of Rolls Royce owners as well as people who own small inexpensive cars. only sells precision motors that have pure value built into them, offering you full peace of mind, and the feeling of knowing 100% that you made a great decision. Call now and speak with a specialist. Everybody gets treated the same at, regardless of how much your car is worth. We give every customer the Rolls Royce treatment.

Toyota Tundra Motors for Sale

The Toyota Tundra, introduced in 2000 as a full-sized pickup, was immediately heralded as one of the first imports that had the look and feel of a traditional American model. Toyota Tundra Motors for sale are quite varied; from the first year of production, the vehicle has been available with a choice of motor sizes with different amounts of horsepower and fuel economy.

Toyota Tundra motors originally offered the choice of a 24 valve 3.4L V-6, as well as a larger 32-valve 4.7L V-8 that produced a total of 245 horsepower. A Racing Development supercharged engine was also available for both of the above mentioned units.

Beginning in 2007, the Toyota Tundra was redesigned and the result was a larger vehicle and a new lineup of engines. Today, customers have the choice of 4 different engine types:

4.0L 24 valve DOHC V-6
4.6L 32 valve DOHC i-FORCE V-8
5.7L 32 valve DOHC i-FORCE V-8
5.7L 32 valve DOHC i-FORCE V-8 with ethanol technology.

All of the above engines are equipped with variable valve timing and ACIS (Acoustic Control Induction System). The V-6 models are 5-speed Electronically Controlled Transmission, while the V-8 engines are coupled to a 6-speed transmission type. When factory installed, Tundra gets about 20mpg highway fuel efficiency.

Although Tundra comes with a wide variety of engine sizes, each is fairly popular and are compatible with similar models on the market today. Because of their long life and technologically advanced features, Tundra engines are sought by those wishing to install their own engine on a Tundra or similar pickup. specializes in both the V-6 and V-8 motor types associated with the Toyota Tundra and similar models in its class. If you are looking to purchase one of these motors as a replacement or to install in a similar vehicle, the people at would be my recommendation as the place to start.

Many folks today are replacing the motor in their pickup because the newer, more powerful units available today are compatible with an older model; the area under the hood is basically unchanged for many pickup makes, and larger V-6 and V-8 engines can be connected to a wide range of transmissions.

A remanufactured or rebuilt Toyota Tundra motor, V-6 or V-8 can be surprisingly affordable; contact today, outline your desired engine and receive an immediate quote. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the options they have available; it is certain that an

VW Passat Motors for Sale

The Volkswagen Passat is a family car that has been built since 1973. It is built by Volkswagen Passenger Cars and is one of the headline mid-size sedans that Volkswagen manufactures. Having the full array of VW Passat Motors for Sale is an advantage for any buyer.

The VW Passat was introduced in 1973 and featured a 4-cylinder OHC 1.3 liter engine that was able to produce 54 horsepower. It was also available with a 1.5 liter engine that was able to put out 74 horsepower. The Passat was mated to a 4-speed manual transmission or a 3-speed automatic. In 1975, the 1.5 liter engine was bumped up to a 1.6 liter engine that was able to produce 84 horsepower with an increase in torque. By 1975, the first diesel Passat was introduced with a 1.5 liter engine that was able to produce 49 horsepower. Following the release of the diesel Passat, Volkswagen improved on the engine by offering a fuel-injected model that had a displacement of 1.6 liters.

For North America, the Passat was available with a carburated 1.5 liter inline-4 motors that could produce 75 horsepower. For the US market, the Passat was also available with a 1.6 liter inline-4 engine that was capable of producing 78 horsepower.

In 1981, the second generation VW Passat was released and named the model B2. The B2 Passat was sold with either a 4-cylinder gas engine or a diesel engine. Those looking for a faster Passat were able to purchase the optional 5-cylinder engine that came in either 1.9 liter or 2.2 liter capacities.

The VW Passat was redesigned for a third generation in 1988 and released to all markets by 1995. These Passats came with fuel-injected gasoline motors and used better carburetors than before. The 1988 VW Passat was available with a 2.0 liter 16-valve engine for the GL or a 1.8 liter engine in the CL model. The Passat was also available with the 2.8 liter VR6 engine that produced 172 horsepower or the G60 engine that created 158 horsepower. The VR6 motor allowed the VW Passat to race up to 139 miles per hour.

In 2005, the VW Passat came with motors that range from the 1.6 liter to the 3.6 liter motor. The bigger 3.6 liter engine is able to produce an amazing 276 horsepower. If you are looking for the VR6 motor or the smaller 1.5 liter diesel motor, you should look for them at for all your VW Passat needs.

Ford Aerostar Motors for Sale PT# 864603

When thinking about Ford Aerostar motor rebuilds for sale # 864603, the Ford Aerostar is one of the first vehicles that comes to mind. This popular van was sold by the Ford Motor Company between 1986 and 1997, eventually discontinued, and its wagon variant was replaced by the Windstar. But as many know, a high number of these vehicles are still on the road, particularly because the car itself held up quite well to wear and tear, and today’s high-priced minivans are no roomier than the old Aerostar. 

The first generation For Aerostar was equipped with one of several engine types, the most common being the 2.3L Lima 14 and the 2.8L Cologne V-6. Larger motors such as the 3.0L Vulcan V-6 and the 4.0L Cologne V-6 were also available. Later generations of the Aerostar dropped the smaller engines and only the Vulcan 3.0L OHV V-6 and the Cologne 4.0L OHV V-6 were available in the last years of production.

We have all noticed a great number of these old vehicles still patrolling our streets and highways, and their engines have in many cases been completely overhauled or replaced. Considering the fact that the original engines are no longer factory produced, and the number and style of contemporary engines that can power an Aerostar are quite limited, I turn my attention to This company expertly matches rebuilt motors for older makes and models, and the Aerostar is certainly no exception. Because many people are adamant about keeping these relics of the 20th century (and why not, if the body is just fine?) a replacement engine may be what the owner is in the market for. can produce or find any one of the engines mentioned above, and their prices are incredibly low. 

At the time the Aerostar was being phased out, Ford Motor Company and other manufacturers were in the process of unleashing a whole new line of engines for the 21st century, many of them with advanced technology not found on the engines of the 1990s.

For those wondering how to incorporate a modernized version of the old Aerostar motors into the body of the vehicle, just ask the people at They have researched engine design on many discontinued models, and can find a suitable powertrain for just about any vehicle no longer in production. Ordering through the company is easy, and immediate price quotes are available on an enormous selection of motor types.

Buy Cadillac Escalade Motors 6.2L Vortec [L92]

One of the more popular motors Cadillac uses in the Escalade is the RPO [regular production option] L92 motor. More commonly referred to as the 6.2 liter Vortec 6200, with 376 cubic inches of capacity. It seems unusual, yet we have customers who buy Cadillac Escalade Motors 6.2L Vortec [L92] from on a regular basis.

Some other applications for said motor are:
• 2007+ Cadillac Escalade
• 2007+ GMC Yukon Denali/Denali XL
• 2007+ GMC Sierra Denali
• 2008+ Hummer H2
• 2009+ Chevrolet Silverado 1500

From the Generation lV family of General Motors small block engines. Being an OHV [overhead valve] engine using pushrods, using 2 valves per cylinder, it is an all aluminum designed engine, including block and heads.

Various applications produced 3 different horsepower amounts. Said vehicles and codes:
1. H2, H2 SUT- produces 393 horsepower
2. Tahoe LTZ produces 395 horsepower
3. Escalade, EXT, ESV, Yukon Denali, Sierra, Silverado LTZ produces 403 horsepower.

This is modern motor as well and will operate off of E 85 fuel, which is 85 percent methanol. Not my favorite fuel. Also using GM technology such as VVT [variable valve timing].

Offering to our customers both low mileage used motors, all of which have been operated and certified to be in perfect condition in the donor vehicle, and, remanufactured motors for sale at affordable prices.

Shipping your replacement engine ASAP is one of our main goals, so you get back not the road ASAP. Almost all motors ship or are delivered within 24 hours.. We have a reputation for world class service to uphold.

For more information concerning the L92 motor, or if you are searching for one to buy, make sure you give a call, our prices are fair, no-one can match our customer experience and you will get exactly what you need, the first time. Call now.

Toyota Supra/Arista 2JZ GTE Turbo DOHC 3.0L Motors for Sale

The JZ engine family is a 6 cylinder inline engine using 24 valves per cylinder, only available in a 3.0L version. We are talking about chain driven double [DOHC} overhead camshaft motors, using a cast-iron block and an aluminum cylinder head. Our Toyota Supra/Arista 2JZGTE Twin Turbo DOHC 3.0L Motors for Sale come fully remanufactured and ready to install, or we offer certified good used motors, if you are on a budget.

FYI: The Toyota Aristo V [JZS147], before becoming one of Toyota’s flagship high performance cars, nearly identical to the Toyota Supra RJ model JZA80, was in production from 1991–1997 as the Lexus GS 300 also.

Part of the extraordinary power came from the twin turbochargers developed by Hitachi Corporation, a sequential setup, putting out 276 plus horsepower. For those who are not familiar with a turbochargers operation. It increases the compression ratio by forcing more oxygen [O2] into the combustion chamber. More oxygen makes a hotter explosion in the cylinder, hence, more power and response.

One of the best ways to replace a bad 2JZGTE motor is with JDM motors, JDM engines are from the Japanese Domestic Market. For those who own Japanese cars, you may want to consider this option whatever your budget is. Quite simply, it is a great value since most motors have less than 40,000 miles on them.

Of course our remanufactured Toyota 2JZGTE motors are the best replacement engines or motors on the market, hands down. There is trend in Toyota Supra/Arista owners to want the best remanufactured motor available. These are high performance cars and there is no room for poorly remanufactured motors that may fail under the tough conditions most Toyota Supra/Arista owners put their cars through. Admit it!

Call the most reliable and easy to find engine replacement company in America and receive the education you deserve on how to choose a replacement engine that suits your best interests. Some motors ship for free, so Call now.

Discovery V8 4.6 Remanufactured Motors for Sale

Although it is usually referred to as the “Rover V8”, this ex-Buick engine has also seen service in the MGB GT, Triumph TR8, Freight-Rover Sherpa and various Land Rover products, not to mention its wide-ranging applications amongst specialist sports car manufacturers. In order to Buy Discovery V8 4.6 Remanufactured Motors, call now.

Land Rover has produced several V-8s through its storied lifetime and each of those engines was referred to as “Rover V-8.” Within this family of engines is the Rover 4.6-liter. This V-8 engine was used in two vehicles throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s: The first was the 1996 through 2002 Land Rover Range Rover HSE, and the later, and last model to use the Rover 4.6 was the 2003 and 2004 Land Rover Discovery.

It is a 90 deg push-rod aluminum block V8, with steel cylinder liners and cross bolted main bearings. The Range Rover 4.6 HSE engine is certainly powerful with a maximum output of 222 horsepower. But more importantly, it develops an incredible 300 pound-feet of peak torque for outstanding performance and off-road flexibility.

This exceptional pulling power provides strong acceleration in daily traffic situations and exceptional trailer-towing abilities. The Range Rover owners I know, use the vehicle as it was intended, for rough and tuff travel conditions and situations where rugged and durable is a benefit. It is not your everyday car.

Since this engine originated from the aluminum blocked Buick V8 used as a base, remanufactured engines are quite cost effective. Having been used on a large scale in the Buick lineup and some of the other cars I have mentioned, parts are quite affordable and there are no bugs to work out. That was done a long time ago. Sometimes, not so fancy, tried and proven engines may actually prove to meet the tests presented in a much more cost effective manner. And get the job done properly.

When you combine the lower parts costs with premium machining equipment and top notch re-manufacturers, the recipe is set for pure success. It is not a secret, nothing locked a safety deposit box, no hidden recipes. Our success is based on hard work and solid ethics. That is almost too simple. Honesty, integrity and pride. Wow.

Call old fashioned if you will, but we do business the old fashioned way. We sell you exactly what you need, at a price we set a low as possible, to the exact penny, and deliver what we say we will. There is no more affordable or easy way to buy a remanufactured Land Rover engine. Every motor we sell has peace of mind built right into it. Call now and get your free quote.