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Rolls Royce Motors for Sale

Rolls-Royce Phantom Engines for Sale

Rolls-Royce Phantom Engines for Sale

Rolls Royce has been in business since 1904. The company proceeded to manufacture auto engines and aircraft engines as a sole manufacturer for many years, until 1998, when it became a parent to the BMW group of cars and equipment. Rolls Royce automotive engine history is hard to follow based on the uniqueness of said car. And overall motor manufacturing diversity. Since that time BMW has been the sole owner. Even if you are interested in an earlier [pre BMW] Rolls Royce motor for sale, consider it covered by

For instance, the Rolls Royce Phantom, which has been in production since 2003 uses a BMW motor. It has a V12 gas motor with 6.75 liters of capacity. Using a total of 48 valves the engine produces a whopping 453 smooth luxurious horsepower. Derived from the BMW N73 V12 engine family.

The motor uses direct cylinder fuel injection, and is a drive by wire design, using valvetronic technology. The power output is controlled by infinitely varying valve lift, moving the rockers and rocker fulcrums with electric servos, rather than using a convention hydraulic lifter setup.

Another unique Rolls Royce is The Rolls-Royce 100 EX [EX stands for experimental model]. Using a massive 9 liter V16 gasoline motor made by BMW. Manufactured for a short period of time before converting back to a V12 design, with 550 cubic inches of ground moving torque. V16 engines were not used in cars very much.

If you study the history of Rolls Royce, the company bases every value from it’s paradigm of making the highest quality motors and cars in the world. A huge manufacturer of aircraft motors from the beginning. Motor cars are only one division of the company.

Rolls Royce is a much larger and more diversified company than most people know about. Contrary to most beliefs they are very active in other segments of the motor industry that uses special and ultra reliable motors, at any cost.

If you are searching for a replacement motor for your Rolls Royce, trust a company who’s shares the same beliefs concerning quality and reliability at a cost most folks consider quite reasonable. shares the belief that supplying the finest replacement motors is the least expensive way to go regarding an engine replacement.

Rolls Royce owners are sensitive about money. They are sensitive about wasting money on substandard motors and the parts for their cars. What I mean to say is that the right engine for any car is a bargain. Call now and find out how we have built the confidence levels of Rolls Royce owners as well as people who own small inexpensive cars. only sells precision motors that have pure value built into them, offering you full peace of mind, and the feeling of knowing 100% that you made a great decision. Call now and speak with a specialist. Everybody gets treated the same at, regardless of how much your car is worth. We give every customer the Rolls Royce treatment.

VW Passat Motors for Sale

The Volkswagen Passat is a family car that has been built since 1973. It is built by Volkswagen Passenger Cars and is one of the headline mid-size sedans that Volkswagen manufactures. Having the full array of VW Passat Motors for Sale is an advantage for any buyer.

The VW Passat was introduced in 1973 and featured a 4-cylinder OHC 1.3 liter engine that was able to produce 54 horsepower. It was also available with a 1.5 liter engine that was able to put out 74 horsepower. The Passat was mated to a 4-speed manual transmission or a 3-speed automatic. In 1975, the 1.5 liter engine was bumped up to a 1.6 liter engine that was able to produce 84 horsepower with an increase in torque. By 1975, the first diesel Passat was introduced with a 1.5 liter engine that was able to produce 49 horsepower. Following the release of the diesel Passat, Volkswagen improved on the engine by offering a fuel-injected model that had a displacement of 1.6 liters.

For North America, the Passat was available with a carburated 1.5 liter inline-4 motors that could produce 75 horsepower. For the US market, the Passat was also available with a 1.6 liter inline-4 engine that was capable of producing 78 horsepower.

In 1981, the second generation VW Passat was released and named the model B2. The B2 Passat was sold with either a 4-cylinder gas engine or a diesel engine. Those looking for a faster Passat were able to purchase the optional 5-cylinder engine that came in either 1.9 liter or 2.2 liter capacities.

The VW Passat was redesigned for a third generation in 1988 and released to all markets by 1995. These Passats came with fuel-injected gasoline motors and used better carburetors than before. The 1988 VW Passat was available with a 2.0 liter 16-valve engine for the GL or a 1.8 liter engine in the CL model. The Passat was also available with the 2.8 liter VR6 engine that produced 172 horsepower or the G60 engine that created 158 horsepower. The VR6 motor allowed the VW Passat to race up to 139 miles per hour.

In 2005, the VW Passat came with motors that range from the 1.6 liter to the 3.6 liter motor. The bigger 3.6 liter engine is able to produce an amazing 276 horsepower. If you are looking for the VR6 motor or the smaller 1.5 liter diesel motor, you should look for them at for all your VW Passat needs.

GM 6.0L V8 engine for sale

General Motors makes Vortec engines, the 6 liter version comes in at least 4 different generation lV variations, all for different purposes. One is a marine engine, which will not work in an automobile or truck. Now that we have that straight, here we go.

Vortec means uncompromising power — outstanding power with no sacrifice in fuel efficiency or durability and very little required maintenance. There are actually four versions of the 6 liter GM Vortec automotive engine. All three of the automotive/truck GM 6.0L V8 engine for sale are in stock ready to ship. We also have the one variation of the GM 6 liter which is a marine engine application only, called the Vortec 6.0L V-8 VVT (L96) Marine Engine.

The most popular Gen lV 6.0 liter engine is the LY6 which is a small block V8 truck and SUV motor. Probably the mildest version designed to produce lots of low end power for light duty work trucks and luxury cars. It has variable valve timing [VVT] and was used in;

• 2007-present Chevrolet Silverado HD
• 2007-present GMC Sierra HD
• 2007-present Chevrolet Suburban 3/4 ton
• 2007-present GMC Yukon XL 3/4 ton

The L76 is a Generation lV Vortec or VortecMax and is all aluminum for weight saving purposes used in the larger more luxurious SUV’s mostly. Equipped with variable cam phasing [VCP] and active fuel management [AFM]. Covering the vehicles listed below;

2007-2009 Chevrolet Suburban
• 2007-2009 Chevrolet Avalanche
• 2007-2009 Chevrolet Silverado
• 2007-2009 GMC Sierra
• 2007-2009 GMC Yukon XL

The LFA Vortec 6000 cc [6.0 Liters] is also a Gen. lV engine, small block V8 truck engine. Used in the GMT900 hybrid trucks and SUV’s. It also uses active fuel management and has a higher compression ratio for added power. Used in;

• 2008-present Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
• 2008-present GMC Yukon Hybrid
• 2009-present Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
• 2009-present Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid
• 2009-present GMC Sierra Hybrid

Why wait? Get extraordinarily fast service to cure the pain of no ride, and deal with the engine replacement company with the best sources for all engines for sale. Pricing is automatically set as low as possible [no haggling necessary] and we have a staff of engine specialists ready to answer your questions so we can get your replacement engine to you fast.

Cadillac Seville Motors

The Cadillac Seville has plenty of history behind it. Manufactured from 1975 to 2004, the Seville went through some major design changes and plenty of motor options, probably best noted for the STS models for their European appeal. No matter what year Seville you may have, don’t be surprised when we quote you a super price on your Cadillac motor of choice.

I won’t cover the first three generations of Seville’s mainly because not too many of them are in existence anymore. One thing unique and completely different to the Seville and the other GM cars in that class [Toronado and Eldorado], was that these are front wheel drive cars.

The first three generations of Seville’s used a front wheel drive transmission bolted to a differential in the front of the car. This is not a transverse mounted front wheel drive car. technically peaking. Technically the transaxle equipped Seville’s were not introduced until 1992.

None of that really matters because my point is really the motors used in the Caddy Seville.

Specifically lets speak more on the newer engines such as the Northstar option. The Northstar motors are the most memorable engines for most people, although someone my age remembers the 500 cubic inch left front tire burner that was used in the first Seville.

The third generation boasted a diesel motor, the much picked on engine, which some people think was a converted gas motor. That is silly, it simply was a crappy engine design. We owned a 1990 Toronado with the diesel motor, what a cool car.

The Seville is best known for the Northstar engine series used in the STS and SLS models. Northstar engines are high technology, high performance luxury car engines.

The 4.6L Northstar engine was only offered in 1993 and 1994, then again in a more powerful version in the STS and SLS models with 275 and 300 horsepower in 1998 thru 2004. Called the L37 and LD8 motors, respectively.

The 4.9L HT-4900 V8 was the only engine used between late 1991 and 2004 that was not of the Northstar series. Confused? Don’t be.

Our whole vibe at is to make you feel confident and comfortable in what replacement Seville motor you choose for your Cadillac. Call us now for an education on what engine is in your best interests. BTW, some of our motors ship for free, and always within 24 hours.

4.6L Motor for Cadillac; 1999 through 2005

We get calls from repair shops, and the guy or gal asks ”got a VIN Code “y” – VIN Code “9” motor for sale?” That is not a secret code that is kept underground [and secret from the public] between shops and wholesale engine suppliers. What that means is this; the ”y” stands for the 4.6L Cadillac motor, the ”9” stands for the year of the decade. We have a 1999 4.6L Cadillac engine in stock. It’s most commonly called The Northstar engine.

The above information is easy to figure out. It is all stamped on the VIN [vehicle identification number] which is on your registration. There are 17 digits in all modern day vehicle identification numbers. The 10th digit is always the year. The 8th number is the engine.

Note: American automobile manufacturers began stamping identifying numbers on cars and their parts in the mid 1950’s . The primary purpose of this vehicle identification number (VIN) was to give an accurate description of the vehicle when mass production numbers were turning into very significant numbers. The early VINs came in a range of variations depending on the individual manufacturer at that time.

In the early 1980’s the U.S. National highway Traffic Safety Administration (USDOT) required that all road vehicles must contain a 17 character VIN. This established the standard fixed VIN system which major vehicle manufacturers use currently. The result was a unique “DNA” style number for each individual vehicle rolled off the assembly line.

You can literally read the car with the VIN. That is the main way we identify motors when people call.

The Cadillac 4.6 engine is part of the Northstar engine family being General Motor’s ”premium” luxury power plant. First introduced in the Cadillac Allante, Buick Aurora, Eldorado and Seville STS in 1993, the 4600cc 32-valve [DOHC] dual overhead camshaft all-aluminum V8 engine was a major leap in aluminum engine technology.

One of Cadillac/GM’s main goals with the 4.6L motors and it’s siblings was to reduce maintenance to a minimum. The engines are factory-equipped with 100,000-mile platinum-tipped spark plugs and five-year/150,000-mile Dex-Cool antifreeze, and use chain-driven cams to eliminate replacing timing belts. Engine Oil and filter changes are the most common maintenance item, but always check your owners manual to make sure.

Not mentioning that sells every version of Northstar motors manufactured would be a desservice. We offer a good variety of options. Our inventory includes low mileage ”clean” used motors and uncompromising quality in our rebuilt Cadillac motors. Call now and get the education you need to make a critical decision like replacing a motor.

Dodge 6.7 Cummins Motor For Sale

The Dodge 6.7 Cummins Motor was introduced in 2007 thanks to tremendous pressure from the EPA [environmental protection agency]. All US manufactured diesel truck engine manufacturer’s had to redesign their engines to meet new Clean Air Act standards that included running Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel as opposed to ”commercial grade” diesel fuel.

It replaced the 5.9L Cummins engine. The 6.7 is offered only in the 2500 and 3500 pickups. offers a remanufactured Dodge 6.7 Cummins Engine For Sale that is beyond reproach.

The result of the design change was a combination of some nifty technological engineering highlights, including re-purposing the exhaust gasses to the EGR system, trapping the extra carbons while working to keep the torque and power up. The 6.7 is also equipped with a new improved EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, a (VGT) variable geometry turbocharger, and a more sensitive diesel particulate filter which reduces diesel particulate matter significantly.

Unlike the earlier 5.9L Rams, the manual transmission equipped 6.7L Rams have been tuned down for less torque output than the automatic transmissions equipped 6.7L Ram pickups [less drive-train shock/stress]. The 6.7L reaches peak power at a nice usable range, between 1,500 & 2,800 RPM’s.

Cummins in typical tradition, designed the new motor to reuse approximately 40 % of the 5.9L Cummins’ engine parts in the 6.7L diesel. The 6.7 has a new integrated exhaust engineered by the factory, and named ”brake direct” by Dodge [aka. jake brake by big rig drivers], improving safety and vehicle control while braking and towing. Standard emission equipment includes the redesigned diesel particulate filter & exhaust gas recirculation system.

Without going into excessive details, the 2007 6.7L diesel motors had several unfavorable problems that Cummins designed out of the motor for 2008. With that in mind we sell more remanufactured 2007 year coded 6.7L engines than the newer models. In fact the 2007 remanufactured diesel engines outsell the 2008 and newer by a fair margin.

Of-course all of the remanufactured 2007 models sells are fully upgraded to the most current specs. We constantly search for design improvements and upgrades for all remanufactured motors. Building true value in every motor is actually less expensive and much more satisfying and trouble free than any other method of doing business.

When you think of re-manned 6.7L Dodge 3500/Cummins diesel motors, think GotEngines/motors. Our remanufactured Dodge motors for sale are built with uncompromising integrity which translates into reliable and affordable motors for any purpose. Don’t put your engine replacement job in jeopardy, Call Now and find out how we can assist you.

Telsa Motors for Sale

Searching Google for ”motors” for sale? Don’t know if you will get car motors or an electric motor or what type of motor. So today I want to tell you a bit about an electric motor powered car that carries a real VIN [vehicle identification number] instead of a prototype number. It is the only 100 percent American electric car to be highway worthy and they don’t use any form of internal combustion engine. But they do have an elaborate electric motor setup.

The Telsa is powered by batteries only, lithium -ion batteries to be exact. The car can travel 244 miles on a single charge. The car will accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds. The Tesla Roadster is the only sports car for sale and in production that can be plugged into conventional outlets, and it can be fully or partially charged from renewable energy, including solar, wind or hydroelectric power.

The video is self explanatory and the car is extraordinary in design. The idea itself, of a silent, high performance car does not fit my bill [maybe, because I have never driven one] of what I am used too. Meaning I’m a product of being raised in the ’60’s, nothing will ever take the place of a rumbling big block Chevy engine, or motor. The terms are interchangeable in the auto industry.

Using an equivalency system for MPG [miles per gallon] since no gasoline is used, the roadster energy costs are approximately $0.01/mile.

While the Telsa Roadster is interesting and something to talk about, our job at is to sell motors. The great majority of which are gasoline or diesel fuel powered and a few small hybrid gasoline motors. I hope it’s clear to you that we can provide information on any motor replacement issue you have.

Take a few minutes to speak with a trained courteous representative about car motors or truck motors, you can even read a special free report on how to choose the best replacement engine for your vehicle. The bottom line is we sell value with every engine for sale. Call Now

Chevy Straight 6 Cylinder Motors for Sale

There have been plenty of inline 6 cylinder Chevrolet motors manufactured since being introduced in 1929. Becoming Chevy’s main engine from 1929 (when it introduced, thus replacing their first 4 cylinder motor, the 171 cubic inch four), through 1954. It was the standard engine by the start of 1955, when they added the small block V8 as an option, the 6 was completely discontinued by 1990 in North America.

From the beginning, a remarkable amount of inline/straight 6 cylinder motors were produced by General Motors. Here is a list from Wiki of all the motors:

* 1908-1912 Oldsmobile Limited six (acquired as part of the founding of GM)
* 1913-1923 Oakland Series 60 six
* 1913-1915 Oldsmobile Series 50 six
* 1914-1916 Buick Series 50 six
* 1916-1923 Buick Series 40 six
* 1916-1927 Oldsmobile Series 30 six
* 1923-1930 Buick “removable-head” six
* 1923-1928 Oakland six
* 1926-1927 Pontiac “split-head” six (also modified for GMC Truck models)

Chevrolet “Stovebolt” six engine

* 1928–1936 Chevrolet “Stovebolt” six
* 1928-1950 Oldsmobile F-Series six (also used in Marquette)
* 1928–1954 Pontiac GMR six (also modified for GMC Truck models)
* 1930s-1966 Opel OHV six (as used in large Opels like the Kapitän)
* 1936–1962 Chevrolet Blue Flame six (also used in some GMC Truck models)
* 1939–1962 GMC Truck six
* 1948-1985 Holden six (see note below)
* 1962–1990s Chevrolet “Generation 3” six
* 1963–1969 Pontiac Tempest six (derived from the Chevrolet “Generation 3” six)
* 1966–1993 Opel
* 1999-present Daewoo XK six (marketed as E-TEC; acquired via GM’s purchase of Daewoo Motor)
* 2001–2009 GM Atlas six (marketed as Vortec)

Chevrolet’s third-generation inline-6 was introduced in 1962 and produced through 1988. For our purposes lets focus on these motors. By and large, the gen 3 motors marked the introduction of many modern features, allowing it to jump from the Flathead engine status to the modern OHV motor designs, [overhead valve], which is still a popular design.

While straight 6 cylinder engines have succumbed to V6 engines, there is still an abundance of people driving cars and trucks from the inline 6 cylinder engine family.

When I was walking my dog yesterday, my neighbor came rolling down the street in his hunting buggy. Ever seen one? They are unusual looking to say the least. Low and behold it had the 292 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder motor in it.

It is still popular to an unusual degree, being durable and inexpensive. Used originally in stock applications, it is easily adaptable to custom applications like a hunting buggy. Regardless of your reason for purchasing an inline Chevy 6 motor for sale is, we have exactly what you are looking for. Call Now and find out.

Mack Truck Motors For Sale

Mack Trucks are one of the oldest names in Large trucks and Commercial Buses in the world. Founded in 1900 by John M. Mack and his brothers, Augustus F., and William C. Mack. Producing buses first, delivering their first one in 1902. The companies trademark is a Bulldog. Since 1990 it has been a subsidiary of AB Volvo Company.

For nearly 70 years, Mack has been the only U.S. heavy truck manufacturer to offer its own line of truck diesel motors, transmissions and double-reduction tandem axles, called “bogies” by Mac. Its engines have been incredibly popular with Mack Truck customers with 98% or more of its vehicles sold only with Mack power, now in a 12 Liter size with power as high as 460 hp.

Speaking with the owner of a 1990 Mack Semi Truck with the E7-400 motor, the other day, he told me this was only the 3rd motor he was on. He changes his motor oil every 60,000 to 70,000 miles and uses a synthetic diesel motor oil. Essentially the whole lifespan of an over the road diesel motor is centered around maintenance.

Truckers have to stop and have a service performed to their trucks every 30 days or so depending on how many miles they drive per day. It does not matter where they are, when the mileage occurs, they have to stop. An oil change/maintenance can cost from $200.00 to $300.00 depending the brand of oil and how many filters need changing. The whole truck is also examined for safety concerns and then greased. It is a more involved process than a car service and oil change.

Anyway, this man tells me he gets over 600,000 miles of use out of a Mack diesel engine before he even considers a rebuilt motor for it. He is a firm believer in exchange rebuilt diesel motors over the common, and less thorough ”in-chassis” rebuild that many truck owners opt for.

As we spoke, he was looking his truck over, just for the heck of it, and had the cab pulled forward, which allowed me to look the beast over. He said, ”you know Danny, you can’t be to careful about who you buy your diesel motors from”. So, I asked him who he buys his motors from, and he told me who. I asked him if I could make a suggestion, and he said” of-course”. I said ”next time you need a Mack Diesel Motor for sale will you give a call?” Yup, no problem friend.

Diesel Motors or Engines For Sale

Diesel Engines Motors For Sale

Diesel Engines Motors For Sale

Internal-combustion engines (ICE) in which air is compressed to a sufficiently high pressure to ignite fuel injected into the cylinder, where combustion actuates a piston, converts the chemical energy stored in the fuel into mechanical energy, which can be used to power 99 percent of the over the road trucks, commercial tractors, locomotives, and marine vessels.

A growing number of small trucks and automobiles also are diesel-powered, as are some electric-power generator sets.

The diesel engine is an intermittent-combustion piston-cylinder motor. It can operate as a two-stroke engine or four-stroke engine, (as a gasoline engine is capable of), hence, the ignition system of a gas motor is one difference in how an explosion happens in lower compression engines, gasoline. A diesel engine introduces air into the combustion chamber on its intake stroke. Diesel engines use effective running compression ratios up to 22:1.

The diesel engine makes power by burning diesel fuel directly injected or sprayed into the pressurized cylinder. The air must be heated to a temperature greater than the temperature at which the injected fuel can burn. The way diesel engines ignite the fuel is by compression, when the compression is increased, diesel oil naturally explodes. By running the proper amount of compression, an explosion will occur without a spark plug.

Diesel engines are generally built with more internal structural integrity than a gasoline engine. Because of the higher compression and extra heat generated, a diesel motor needs stronger internal components to withstand the deep pulse of the heavier combustion due to more compression.

Diesel engines also turn at lower RPM’s and develop maximum power ratings at slower engine speeds, which allows the engine to last longer, and the low rpm power makes pulling heavier loads easier because the power band is in the normal driving range. Not at WOT (wide open throttle as in a gasoline powered engine.

As we enter the fuel mileage era, manufacturers are producing and outsourcing from reliable manufacturers more small car 4 cylinder diesel engines to propel the tiny cars that reach 40 mpg and more. It is a good alternative to hybrid power at this stage in time.

Want to talk about diesel engines before we sell you one of the many diesel motors in our inventory? That is why we have a diesel engine specialist on our sales staff. The more our representatives can educate you in said subject, the better your chances are of buying the best diesel motors for sale on the market.