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Ford Motors

Ford Motors

Speak to one of our LIVE motor experts! Talk to one of our qualified staff members with over 50 years experience in the automotive industry. They’ll be happy to help you find one of our new, used or remanufactured Ford engines for sale today!

Ford motors are a true American tradition. Hatched by the great mind who brought us a better way to design a car, a better way to build a car and even a better way to buy a car, Ford engines are an iconic symbol of American pragmatism and egalitarianism. Thanks to Ford motors, every family can drive a car, and today, millions of drivers choose Ford vehicles for their reliability and performance. From the sporty Ford Mustang to the powerful Ford F-150 and from the safe and functional Ford Windstar to the economical Ford Focus, there’s a Ford car or truck for every driver. And at GotEngines.com, we have a Ford motor for every Ford vehicle.

At GotEngines.com, we understand that even the best motors can’t last forever. Hard work, harsh climates and aggressive driving can spell a shorter lifespan for your motor than you expected. With a perfectly good transmission, body and other integral parts of your vehicle, you may be reluctant to buy a brand new car just because your motor gave out. GotEngines.com is here to save your beloved Ford car from the junkyard by allowing you to give it new life with a used, rebuilt or remanufactured engine.

Our Ford motors for sale are just like the rest of the parts in your vehicle – perfectly functional, but trapped in an otherwise defunct car or truck.  Rather than condemning them to a landfill or junkyard, we rescue these nearly pristine Ford motors, carefully inspect them and, if necessary, rebuilt and remanufacture them so they’ll work as good as new. Used Ford motors are better for the environment, better for your car and, most importantly better for your wallet. Instead of breaking the bank with a new car, you can extend the life of your current vehicle by several years by outfitting it with a used Ford motor.

As dedicated motor specialists, we are always seeking the best deals. That’s so we can offer you an excellent price the moment you call. When you bring your ailing Ford car or truck to the mechanic, he’ll have to begin his search for a compatible Ford motor from scratch. This usually entails calling around to other garages and junkyards seeking out the right part. In some cases, mechanics will even call us! But instead of putting up with the delays and middleman markups, you can simply cal us directly. We’ll find you the perfect motor from your inventory of Ford motors or we’ll seek out an exclusive deal from our industry connections and ship it directly to your mechanic or your home. So, instead of waiting for a satisfactory deal, pick up the phone and get a bargain – all it takes is five minutes to find out if we can save you money (and we almost always can). Contact us today – we’ll get your Ford back on the road where it belongs.

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