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GM 6.2 Motor for Sale

The GM 6.2L diesel engine was introduced in the 1982, the engine was an option in GM’s 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups, SUV’s and utility vehicles. The brochures General Motors printed up promoted a real sense of optimism for the future of diesel engines in cars and light duty trucks. Surprisingly we still get calls from diehard owners for a GM 6.2 engine for sale on a regular basis.

Excellent fuel economy was a commonly mentioned benefit along with numerous references to this engine being a new breed, with durability and economy well beyond any gas motor.

In the early 80’s GM made available the new 6.2L diesel in either a 2WD or a 4WD 3500 series pickup with a GVW [gross vehicle weight] rating of up to 10,000-lbs. In addition, a well equipped 6.2L diesel C3500 was rated for a maximum towing capacity of 13,500-lbs.

The 6.2L diesel was a brand new “from scratch” design that was a joint effort, and manufactured as a light-truck diesel engine by Detroit Diesel, a division of General Motors.

The very first engines met plenty of testing, simulating all sorts of driving habits at the GM test tracks in both Milford, Michigan and Mesa, Arizona. When operated within its capacity and real-world performance limits, the 6.2L diesel was a trend setter in the early ’80’s and proved to be a fine engine. It really does deliver unusually good fuel economy for a large diesel engine, excellent drive-ability and performs well.

Power improvements were the main focus for GM engineers for the next 10 years, and not very attentive to the primary reason why GM introduced a 6.2L diesel in the first place, better fuel economy, lower fuel prices [at the time] and entering a new market. Fuel economy has become a hot topic among diesel owners since the cost of fuel rose above $3/gal in 2005, and fuel economy is among the top three reasons why people buy a diesel equipped vehicle.

The 6.2L diesel is not to be confused with the LF9, which was a 350-cubic-inch (5.7 L) Diesel V8 produced from 1978 to 1985. While it is thought that the 5.7L was a converted gasoline engine, that is not the case, it was simply a poor in house design which lasted from 1978 to 1985.

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