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Chevy Straight 6 Cylinder Motors for Sale

There have been plenty of inline 6 cylinder Chevrolet motors manufactured since being introduced in 1929. Becoming Chevy’s main engine from 1929 (when it introduced, thus replacing their first 4 cylinder motor, the 171 cubic inch four), through 1954. It was the standard engine by the start of 1955, when they added the small block V8 as an option, the 6 was completely discontinued by 1990 in North America.

From the beginning, a remarkable amount of inline/straight 6 cylinder motors were produced by General Motors. Here is a list from Wiki of all the motors:

* 1908-1912 Oldsmobile Limited six (acquired as part of the founding of GM)
* 1913-1923 Oakland Series 60 six
* 1913-1915 Oldsmobile Series 50 six
* 1914-1916 Buick Series 50 six
* 1916-1923 Buick Series 40 six
* 1916-1927 Oldsmobile Series 30 six
* 1923-1930 Buick “removable-head” six
* 1923-1928 Oakland six
* 1926-1927 Pontiac “split-head” six (also modified for GMC Truck models)

Chevrolet “Stovebolt” six engine

* 1928–1936 Chevrolet “Stovebolt” six
* 1928-1950 Oldsmobile F-Series six (also used in Marquette)
* 1928–1954 Pontiac GMR six (also modified for GMC Truck models)
* 1930s-1966 Opel OHV six (as used in large Opels like the Kapitän)
* 1936–1962 Chevrolet Blue Flame six (also used in some GMC Truck models)
* 1939–1962 GMC Truck six
* 1948-1985 Holden six (see note below)
* 1962–1990s Chevrolet “Generation 3” six
* 1963–1969 Pontiac Tempest six (derived from the Chevrolet “Generation 3” six)
* 1966–1993 Opel
* 1999-present Daewoo XK six (marketed as E-TEC; acquired via GM’s purchase of Daewoo Motor)
* 2001–2009 GM Atlas six (marketed as Vortec)

Chevrolet’s third-generation inline-6 was introduced in 1962 and produced through 1988. For our purposes lets focus on these motors. By and large, the gen 3 motors marked the introduction of many modern features, allowing it to jump from the Flathead engine status to the modern OHV motor designs, [overhead valve], which is still a popular design.

While straight 6 cylinder engines have succumbed to V6 engines, there is still an abundance of people driving cars and trucks from the inline 6 cylinder engine family.

When I was walking my dog yesterday, my neighbor came rolling down the street in his hunting buggy. Ever seen one? They are unusual looking to say the least. Low and behold it had the 292 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder motor in it.

It is still popular to an unusual degree, being durable and inexpensive. Used originally in stock applications, it is easily adaptable to custom applications like a hunting buggy. Regardless of your reason for purchasing an inline Chevy 6 motor for sale is, we have exactly what you are looking for. Call Now and find out.

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