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Rolls Royce Motors for Sale

Rolls-Royce Phantom Engines for Sale

Rolls-Royce Phantom Engines for Sale

Rolls Royce has been in business since 1904. The company proceeded to manufacture auto engines and aircraft engines as a sole manufacturer for many years, until 1998, when it became a parent to the BMW group of cars and equipment. Rolls Royce automotive engine history is hard to follow based on the uniqueness of said car. And overall motor manufacturing diversity. Since that time BMW has been the sole owner. Even if you are interested in an earlier [pre BMW] Rolls Royce motor for sale, consider it covered by

For instance, the Rolls Royce Phantom, which has been in production since 2003 uses a BMW motor. It has a V12 gas motor with 6.75 liters of capacity. Using a total of 48 valves the engine produces a whopping 453 smooth luxurious horsepower. Derived from the BMW N73 V12 engine family.

The motor uses direct cylinder fuel injection, and is a drive by wire design, using valvetronic technology. The power output is controlled by infinitely varying valve lift, moving the rockers and rocker fulcrums with electric servos, rather than using a convention hydraulic lifter setup.

Another unique Rolls Royce is The Rolls-Royce 100 EX [EX stands for experimental model]. Using a massive 9 liter V16 gasoline motor made by BMW. Manufactured for a short period of time before converting back to a V12 design, with 550 cubic inches of ground moving torque. V16 engines were not used in cars very much.

If you study the history of Rolls Royce, the company bases every value from it’s paradigm of making the highest quality motors and cars in the world. A huge manufacturer of aircraft motors from the beginning. Motor cars are only one division of the company.

Rolls Royce is a much larger and more diversified company than most people know about. Contrary to most beliefs they are very active in other segments of the motor industry that uses special and ultra reliable motors, at any cost.

If you are searching for a replacement motor for your Rolls Royce, trust a company who’s shares the same beliefs concerning quality and reliability at a cost most folks consider quite reasonable. shares the belief that supplying the finest replacement motors is the least expensive way to go regarding an engine replacement.

Rolls Royce owners are sensitive about money. They are sensitive about wasting money on substandard motors and the parts for their cars. What I mean to say is that the right engine for any car is a bargain. Call now and find out how we have built the confidence levels of Rolls Royce owners as well as people who own small inexpensive cars. only sells precision motors that have pure value built into them, offering you full peace of mind, and the feeling of knowing 100% that you made a great decision. Call now and speak with a specialist. Everybody gets treated the same at, regardless of how much your car is worth. We give every customer the Rolls Royce treatment.

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