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Discovery V8 4.6 Remanufactured Motors for Sale

Although it is usually referred to as the “Rover V8”, this ex-Buick engine has also seen service in the MGB GT, Triumph TR8, Freight-Rover Sherpa and various Land Rover products, not to mention its wide-ranging applications amongst specialist sports car manufacturers. In order to Buy Discovery V8 4.6 Remanufactured Motors, call now.

Land Rover has produced several V-8s through its storied lifetime and each of those engines was referred to as “Rover V-8.” Within this family of engines is the Rover 4.6-liter. This V-8 engine was used in two vehicles throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s: The first was the 1996 through 2002 Land Rover Range Rover HSE, and the later, and last model to use the Rover 4.6 was the 2003 and 2004 Land Rover Discovery.

It is a 90 deg push-rod aluminum block V8, with steel cylinder liners and cross bolted main bearings. The Range Rover 4.6 HSE engine is certainly powerful with a maximum output of 222 horsepower. But more importantly, it develops an incredible 300 pound-feet of peak torque for outstanding performance and off-road flexibility.

This exceptional pulling power provides strong acceleration in daily traffic situations and exceptional trailer-towing abilities. The Range Rover owners I know, use the vehicle as it was intended, for rough and tuff travel conditions and situations where rugged and durable is a benefit. It is not your everyday car.

Since this engine originated from the aluminum blocked Buick V8 used as a base, remanufactured engines are quite cost effective. Having been used on a large scale in the Buick lineup and some of the other cars I have mentioned, parts are quite affordable and there are no bugs to work out. That was done a long time ago. Sometimes, not so fancy, tried and proven engines may actually prove to meet the tests presented in a much more cost effective manner. And get the job done properly.

When you combine the lower parts costs with premium machining equipment and top notch re-manufacturers, the recipe is set for pure success. It is not a secret, nothing locked a safety deposit box, no hidden recipes. Our success is based on hard work and solid ethics. That is almost too simple. Honesty, integrity and pride. Wow.

Call old fashioned if you will, but we do business the old fashioned way. We sell you exactly what you need, at a price we set a low as possible, to the exact penny, and deliver what we say we will. There is no more affordable or easy way to buy a remanufactured Land Rover engine. Every motor we sell has peace of mind built right into it. Call now and get your free quote.

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