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Toyota Tundra Motors for Sale

The Toyota Tundra, introduced in 2000 as a full-sized pickup, was immediately heralded as one of the first imports that had the look and feel of a traditional American model. Toyota Tundra Motors for sale are quite varied; from the first year of production, the vehicle has been available with a choice of motor sizes with different amounts of horsepower and fuel economy.

Toyota Tundra motors originally offered the choice of a 24 valve 3.4L V-6, as well as a larger 32-valve 4.7L V-8 that produced a total of 245 horsepower. A Racing Development supercharged engine was also available for both of the above mentioned units.

Beginning in 2007, the Toyota Tundra was redesigned and the result was a larger vehicle and a new lineup of engines. Today, customers have the choice of 4 different engine types:

4.0L 24 valve DOHC V-6
4.6L 32 valve DOHC i-FORCE V-8
5.7L 32 valve DOHC i-FORCE V-8
5.7L 32 valve DOHC i-FORCE V-8 with ethanol technology.

All of the above engines are equipped with variable valve timing and ACIS (Acoustic Control Induction System). The V-6 models are 5-speed Electronically Controlled Transmission, while the V-8 engines are coupled to a 6-speed transmission type. When factory installed, Tundra gets about 20mpg highway fuel efficiency.

Although Tundra comes with a wide variety of engine sizes, each is fairly popular and are compatible with similar models on the market today. Because of their long life and technologically advanced features, Tundra engines are sought by those wishing to install their own engine on a Tundra or similar pickup. specializes in both the V-6 and V-8 motor types associated with the Toyota Tundra and similar models in its class. If you are looking to purchase one of these motors as a replacement or to install in a similar vehicle, the people at would be my recommendation as the place to start.

Many folks today are replacing the motor in their pickup because the newer, more powerful units available today are compatible with an older model; the area under the hood is basically unchanged for many pickup makes, and larger V-6 and V-8 engines can be connected to a wide range of transmissions.

A remanufactured or rebuilt Toyota Tundra motor, V-6 or V-8 can be surprisingly affordable; contact today, outline your desired engine and receive an immediate quote. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the options they have available; it is certain that an