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The Acura Legend was also prominently known as Honda Legend outside North America. Acura Legend basically can be defined as a luxury sedan, which ruled the markets from 1986, when it was first launched till 1995. Acura Legend was sold, both as a sedan and a coupe. Acura Legend also happens to be the first car which was sold under the Acura nameplate, with many successive Acura versions over the time.

Acura Legend can basically be classified under two generations. The first one was from 1986-1990. However, in the second generation of Acura Legend which spanned from 1991-1995, considerable changes were made in the car in order to improve its performance and style quotient. The sedan was launched in the consumer market in base, L and LS trim levels. There are not a lot of Acura engines for sale in the aftermarket because Acura used motors are known for their long life span. The Acura Legend was a 3.2 liter V6 which boosted its engines power to 200 horsepower and a torque of 210 pound-feet. This exceptionally powerful engine allowed Acura Legend to compete with a five speed manual or a four speed automatic car.

History of transformations
In 1993, another transformation was made in Acura Legend. All the available models of this car were fitted with dual airbags. Moreover, their manual transmission had also been upgraded to six-speed. In the following year, another transformation was made in the design of car. Acura Legend was fitted with new grille, bumpers and an extremely efficient power steering wheel.

In the last year, when Acura Legend was available in the consumer markets, another addition was made to the existing fleet of models. This was the introduction of limited edition SE sedan which varied from other pre-existing models in terms of its slight cosmetic distinctions.

Performance driven vehicle
One of the main reasons why Acura Legend has been extremely popular among the masses is the fact that apart from being extremely good-looking and well equipped with the latest facilities, Acura Legend performance is implausible. The car is well known for its strong performance. One of the most powerful versions of Acura Legend was V6 engine which was only to be found in some of the later models of the car.

Curtain calls
Although Acura Legend can easily qualify as well constructed and attractive in terms of its interiors, the headroom provided often proves to be a bit short for taller drivers.

Any individual who is looking forward to buy Acura Legend today will have to settle for a used one, since it is no longer in production. Acura Legend is known for its high mileage and its reputation for consistently strong reliability which makes it an intelligent choice.

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