Got Audi A-4 Engines? We do...

One of the recent launches in the automobile industry has been of the latest model of Audi A-4. Audi A-4 as a brand does not need any introduction. It is quintessentially the biggest automobile brand in the global car industry. Hence, the introduction of latest Audi A-4 has been amidst a lot of speculation.

Audi A-4 is characterized for its enhanced sense of style which is pretty similar to Audi 6. The latest 2008 model has been increased in size, both in sedan and wagon form in the Audi A-4 model. The car has been made 4.6 inches longer and 2 inches wider as compared to the previous models, which were launched in the industry. Audi A-4 has strong competitors in the form of Mercedes- Benz-C Class.

Features added to the car
Although the appearance of Audi A-4 is not exceptionally breathtaking, it is nevertheless quite appealing. Some of its characteristic features which make it look like a class apart include its daytime running lights. This feature, which has been added to Audi A-4 till now had been reserved only for the crème de la crème models of Audi.

Killer looks
In terms of physical attributes, Audi A-4 is also greatly inspired from A5. It has a similar front axle which is placed quite ahead in the car in order to ensure better weight distribution. Audi A-4 comes along with Audi drive select which allows an individual to perform several functions, at the mere touch of a button. Some of the functions which can be easily performed with this car include damping of the suspension, shifting the speed and changing the steering ratio as per one's requirements.

One of the chief features of Audi A-4 is the new common-rail 2.0 liter range of diesels. This remarkable feature has been employed for the first time in any Audi car. Moreover, it can also be said that this feature, in a way, determines the future of diesel power plants for the rest of the Volkswagen group.

Another breakthrough is the low emission version which has 120 BHP engine. The prices of Audi A-4 start at 22,590 pounds and can go up to 30,290 pounds. This is one of those luxury cars which every individual would love to own and flaunt.

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