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Used Buick Regal GS Engine

New Buick Regal vehicles have the 2.0L engine in the GS trim editions. This build is known as a 4-cylinder turbo block. The revamped edition of the Gran Sport is helping to bring back quality without a lack of performance to the Buick name brand at GM. The platform for building high-class vehicles is constantly improved by General Motors. A used Buick Regal GS engine can be purchased at a discount here online.

The secret behind powering the GS brand of cars is the modified Ecotec block. Borrowing technology from Opel cars, the Regal motor is turbocharged model. These were first offered in China as a way to test the demand for the increased horsepower level. The 2.0-liter was first installed in 2010 and was made public in the U.S. during the 2011 year. There are several blocks that have been placed into the GS trim cars.

Types of Buick Regal Engines

A modification was made to the classic LNF series blocks to build the LDK units first used in the Regal in 2009. While only 217 horsepower was available, the higher than standard torque level made up for any power differences. GM introduced its LHU block after production started in the 2012 year. This is the only edition that offers E85 fuel types. This model is known as a Flex Fuel engine.

The 4-cylinder performance of the 2.0L engine is capped at a 259 horsepower rating. This is the only SAE specs that have been published by GM. The CXL turbo edition vehicles were the first to sport the updated specs for engine capacity. The GS builds are the only late model versions that feature the upgraded DOHC turbo motors. Once change that was made was adding support for the stick-shift and automatic transmissions built by Aisin.

The Epsilon II series is now what is being used to build all future luxury cars that are served with the Buick nameplate. The transverse mounted blocks provide more than enough room for a person to achieve the top speed without overheating the components. Locating the correct RPO code for a GS car engine is easy while browsing the portal.

Buick Gran Sport 4-Cylinder Engines

When inventory and price meet at the right place, consumers are much happier. It can be easy to browse auction inventory sellers although inventory levels are sporadic at best. The sales, service and delivery of second hand vehicle motors is part of what makes a retailer great. The Gran Sport (GS) auto engines for sale that are viewable and buyable here have been tested for quality.

Customer assurance and support still mean a lot. The ability to delivery value in a high mileage block without charging any money for freight is something that is hard to find. That special feat and more is what people can expect while using this website to purchase late model or classic Regal 2.0-liter car engines online.