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Engine Control Units For Sale

Has Got Engine Control Units For Sale

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If you are having an Engine Control Unit, ECU, Engine Controller, Engine Control Module or Engine Computer Problem or failure with your car or truck than you arrived at the right place. Although our name is, We have good used Engine Control Units for sale.

Our controllers come off of low mileage cars. Every engine control unit is pre tested with specifically designed test equipment so  you can purchase a good used ECU and not worry about reliability issues. Choice of professional mechanics.

We build confidence in our customers by outperforming the competition, putting our money into a superior product, not a page full of sensationalistic advertising.

Realistically speaking, after you call the dealer and get a price and the warranty, then call us and compare our price and warranty to the dealers, it becomes immediately evident why buying a good used ECM from is in your best interest. Not only is the price a fraction of the dealers price, but in many case we offer a better warranty. We also can get your controller to you faster than the dealer.

In order to get the right computer all you need is:

  1. The VIN, vehicle identification number, which is on your registration
  2. The number on the actual ECM you want to replace. If you call us we can tell you where the unit is located, so you can ID it fast.

We encourage you to call us and ask our experts any questions you may have. One of our goals is to educate our customers. An educated consumer makes better decisions.

For an Affordable Price with Pure Value Built into our Engine Control Units Call: @ 1-941-269-8284.

Speak with a courteous, expert on engine controllers who has the time to listen to you and help you make a decision that is in your best interest.


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