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Mazda Tribute 3.0L Engines Used

Mazda used the 3.0L in the Tribute to help sell its version of the Ford Escape in the United States. The V6 power upgrade was one of the features that consumers appreciated. The Mazda company helped Ford do amazing things. From production facilities to co-designing vehicle types, the relationship between the two automakers did produce some excellent motor vehicles. There are used Mazda Tribute 3.0L engines always on sale here online.

The full production schedule between 2001 to 2011 showcased the Tribute 3.0 motor in North America. The strong Duratec motor family was the variation hand picked to go inside of the Mazda class of crossover sport utility vehicles. Apart from the U.S. sales, distribution in the Asian and European markets further promoted the offerings of the new class of SUV and CUV vehicles.

3.0-Liter 6-Cylinder Tribute Motors

At the heart of the Duratec 30 build, there are 181 cubic displacement inches. This series was first mass produced by Ford in the year 1996. The DOHC selection paired nicely with the 5-speed G5M gearbox as well as the now retired CD4E assembly. The selection of the 6-cylinder motor is one of the things that Ford-Mazda perfected in the production of 2WD and 4WD SUVs.

The CD2 platform is found in all of the vehicles and prototypes with the Mazda Tribute 3.0 V6 engine series. This change was necessary to accommodate not only the larger wheel base, but the height changes that were part of the crossover vehicle design. The 3.0-liter displacement blocks are one of the many builds that are in stock daily here at the Got Engines company.

Find All V6 Makes and Models

While Ford introduced the Hybrid series of Tribute vehicles, not much changed during the manufacturing schedule of the standard edition Tribute. A person can find almost every make or model of Duratec powered vehicles in the presented inventory. This means that locating a 2001 Mazda Tribute 3.0 engine will take nearly no research time. The procedure that has been picked to help consumers using this website is an all-digital process.

Since there are still people who prefer to call by phone to check pricing, there will always be a toll-free number to call here. The growth of smartphones and tablet PCs has created a revised version of the quotation form on this website. The used Mazda V6 motors that are offered on sale can be quoted through usage of the new price locator program. When shopping on this website, inputting the correct model year is the only work needed to find all second hand 3.0L Tribute motors for sale.