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Nissan Altima 2.5L Engines

Nissan Engines for Sale Altima

Nissan Altima was created in 1993 as a competitor to Honda vehicles. The Nissan class is a respected vehicle lineup due in part to its engines. Three generations of this vehicle were produced before Nissan upgraded its base engine. The adored 2.4L engine was upgraded in 2001 with the 2.5L engine. This engine accomplished more horsepower as well as more efficiency. You’ll find here at Got Engines that our inventory of Nissan Altima 2.5L engines is pretty large. We’re able to buy these import engines for great prices and sell them in used condition to customers worldwide.

The 2.5L engine has 170 horsepower that is available. This is quite a lot of power for a 4-cylinder engine. The engine code for the Altima is QR25DE. This series of engines also has a 2.5L hybrid available. Nissan has always been a car company that promotes fuel efficient engines. This is one reason why we sell these inside of our inventory. The Altima engine is reliable and we assure all engine buyers of the engine condition before they buy. If you’ve never shopped with Got Engines before, now is your chance to experience what so many talk about online.

Nissan Altima 2.5L Engines in Stock

You might not know it although the Altima engine was used in multiple Nissan vehicles. The Serena, Sentra and the Frontier all used this motor successfully. Nothing was updated during these installations. The horsepower and mechanics remained the same until the 2007 year. We locate these used engines and bring them in for our mechanics to review. We sell and price engines based on what these experts recommend. It’s hard to find used engines at great prices online sometimes. We know we compete with thousands of other sellers. This has not stopped us from building a solid used motor inventory on the Internet.

Before you buy our used engines, you should know about some incentives that we offer. At this time, we’re usually able to offer shipping at no cost to you. If you live in the U.S. excluding Hawaii and Alaska, we’re able to send out these engines for free. We ship to the west coast, east coast, south and northeastern states. The 4-cylinder Nissan engines that will arrive at your door have already been evaluated by true automotive experts. Nothing is low quality here and we uphold the Nissan name. We work with top supply companies that import these foreign engines for us to offer to you. Many body shop owners, mechanics and junkyards make purchases from this website each day.

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Fast delivery of our pricing is one of the things we’re known for online. We send out price quotes immediately after we’ve verified the information. Our staff cross references our database, VIN numbers and other engine data. We always quote accurate pricing. To get low Nissan motor prices, call our toll free number. It’s really fast and helpful. You can use the quote system we’ve built for customers to use online. It’s equally fast and takes seconds to get the price you came here to find.