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Nissan Quest 3.5L Engine Used

The Quest by Nissan used the 3.5L V6 engine for the first time in the year 2004 in the United States. Originally a co-design with Ford Motor Company, the Quest was one of the top-selling minivans that were available in the early 2000s. The 6-cylinder block was the third motor type that was installed since the initial production in 1992. Got Engines sells reduced priced Nissan Quest 3.5L engine inventory from this website.

Part of the reason that the 4-door minivan body style was selected was the room for improvement with the FF chassis design. While the earliest 3.5-liter builds made use of 4 and 5-speed automatic transmissions, the units that are in production in the current year are setup for CVT gearboxes. The VQ35DE engine block is the primary model that is found inside the Quest and other Nissan motor vehicles.

235 Horsepower V6 Quest Motor

The change to including a variable valve timing system updated the 3.5 with new technologies for a minivan. The old 235 horsepower that was part of the initial production phase was reintroduced as a 260 variant after the year 2010. A hard part about buying a Nissan Quest engine for some people is determining how good the parts are on the inside of the block. Since builds here are sold as used, pre-sales validation procedures are mandatory.

Accurately estimating just how long a motor block will last is a difficult task for any company. There is no way to tell just how much performance or maintenance was performed prior to the dismantling of automotive parts. The VQ35DE for sale on this consumer portal has gone through several confirmation procedures in order to shape the buying experience for a consumer. This helps a person to know the life expectancy of a build before a sale is ever processed.

Quest Minivan Engines for Sale

The procedures used by to find the best inventory in the nation help please people who shop this website. The Nissan minivan parts inventory listed here is nothing but complete blocks. What this means is that all essentials are present and in good shape. With the support of a customized warranty package, a person can have no cost coverage for a period of at least 24 months.

In order for a person to use this website effectively, there are some pieces of information that need to be known before requesting a price. The precise minivan year is one of these pieces of information required. For a person who knows only a vehicle identification number, use of the auto parts system on this website can still be valuable. Immediate distribution of all in stock V6 price levels are provided.