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Nissan Versa Note 1.6L Engine Used

Nissan introduced its Versa Note 1.6L engine in the 2013 year in North America. Previous success in the UK and Japanese markets made it possible for American car owners to experience the inline 4-cylinder power. The use of smaller blocks in sedan and hatchback cars is something that is unique to Nissan and other motor companies. Someone using the web to find a used Nissan Versa Note 1.6L engine will find inventory here at

The HR series platform is the secret behind the power level that is found in the 1.6-liter block. While the RPM level tops out at only 4000 RPM, the inline 4 design makes up with a respected 78 horsepower. A feature of 73 CID is supplied in the builds used in the United States. The engine code for the Versa Note is HR12DE. There are 4 valves for each cylinder. The compression is a 9:5:1 ratio for the block.

Nissan Versa Note Engine Sizes

The 1.6-liter build is one of of two popular motors that have been used by Nissan for its series of compact cars. A much smaller 1.2L block can be found in mid 2000 produced Versa Note automobiles. The same DOHC design is found in each of the builds although there is a clear difference in the bore and stroke. Most people prefer to use 5W-30 oil when making changes.

There are no public claims about the HR12DE reliability. Because the Note is still in active production, road tests are performed annually to work out any minor defects. There are now 5 trim levels that are found in the Versa Note. These include S, SL, SR, SV and S Plus. Each of these units offer the 1.6L edition. is one of the main U.S. suppliers of used units.

The 2014 Nissan Versa Note engine as well as all late model years can be purchased at a reduced price on this website. The specs of the different versions are provided here for reference. An important thing that a person who will buy anything used should search for is a good warranty plan. While Nissan makes great cars, it is still essential to get long-term OEM components protection.

Low Mileage Nissan Motor Blocks

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