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Best OBDII Scanner Reviews | OBD 2 Scanner | Diagnostic Code Reader

Best OBDII Scanner Reviews | OBD 2 Scanner | Diagnostic Code Reader


Finding out what’s wrong with your car, truck or sport utility vehicle is critical. You don’t have to pay a mechanic to tell you that. There are products like these on the market that do the job for you. What you need to know is how to purchase one for a cheap price. When these were first introduced, they listed for thousands of dollars. Prices have reduced due to technology in the auto industry. Let this buyer’s guide help you get the best price.

Entry-Level OBD 2 Scanner Models

These models usually have a simple LCD display. These are known as plug and play. It’s similar to a computer. You plug these in and the control module on your vehicle processes the codes. Your vehicle must support the 16-pin OBD II connector type. You can usually find this under your dash. Most vehicles manufactured between 1989 and 2003 are OBD2 compliant. You can find entry-level models ranging in price from $10.00 to $19.00 online.

Advanced OBDII Code Readers

Advanced systems make use of different technologies. Automakers started to upgrade components after 2003 with better digital commands. These are known as CAN or controller area network modules. These are standard on all vehicles 2004 through 2010. A simple entry-level reader will not suffice for diagnosing an issue. Buying an advanced diagnostic code reader device will help you. You can find models like this one online for a cheap price.

Software Dependent OBD 2 Scan Tools

The advanced modules can be found through retailers online with software included. This software is Windows PC based. A network cable is provided to link the auto scan tool directly to a computer. This takes the data that is entered into the reader and places it inside the software. Specially programmed OBD 2 scanner software is required to use these devices. The advantage over entry-level readers is the detailed information provided with each scan.

Industry Standard OBD II Codes Tools

Automotive repair shops use these to diagnose problems with engines. These are slightly higher in price although worth the investment. You can find huge price drops on select models from this retailer online. The OBD II code reader that is used by most mechanics includes multiple features. These devices can read trouble codes from compliant vehicles in more than one language. This makes repairing import vehicles easier. The streaming data that is sent to the reader from the on board diagnostics cable can be recorded for later use. This data can be analyzed with software to locate O2 sensor issues and resolve check engine light codes.

Best Diagnostic Scanner Reviews Wrap Up

The budget that you have will help you decide what to buy. The basics of reading and troubleshooting error codes is given with all readers. What you must decide is how much information you need to define an automobile problem. With connections over USB, Bluetooth and standard 16-pin OBD2 technology you can analyze your data. Diagnosing your engine problem is crucial for a prompt repair. You can do it yourself using consumer grade or industry standard tools. We can sell you an engine here if you’re unable to fix yours properly.

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