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Subaru 2.2 Engine

Debs (ò‿ó)♪ / / CC BY

Debs (ò‿ó)♪ / / CC BY

The 1995 year brought new changes to the Subaru company. The success of the Outback and other vehicles changed the production schedules for Subaru. New JDM engine brands were created that are still in use today. The famous EJ series of engines that are featured through Got Engines online offer a lot of value. Any person buying a foreign engine can have a lot of questions. A majority of the answers are found on this Subaru 2.2 engine page.

The EJ20 engines were upgraded in the mid 1990s by Subaru. The EJ22 edition was offered in two different builds. The Impreza, Legacy and Outback commonly used the SOHC edition. These were built between 1995 and 2001 for use in the global market. There is an optional U.S. version that is known as an EJ22T. This short lived engine was produced for use in the U.S. for the Legacy and featured a turbocharger. All builds in the 2.2 type are found by researching the inventory here.

Used Subaru Engines Problems Solved

New buyers of foreign engines can panic when a repair is needed. There are shortages of qualified Subaru mechanics operating in the U.S. It is often cost effective for a vehicle owner or mechanic to install a different engine instead of repairing one. provides the resources to solve most engine problems. The low priced inventory of foreign built engines sold here makes this possible. Any buyer of a used EJ series Subaru motor can benefit from these company policies.

Do Subaru engines come with a warranty? Each dealer is free to offer some type of protection to buyers. The reality is that most do not. There are typical engine warranty periods that last between 30 and 180 days. Every Got Engines company warranty program is meant to last for up to three years. This provides adequate time for a person to install an engine and monitor usage. Buying replacement performance motors that are foreign builds is a little easier here online.

EJ22 Used Subaru Engine Price Quotes

The digitized format of the quotes system offered here produces consumer level prices. This means that there is no direct need to call a toll-free number just to price check engines. It is very common to use more than one source to find different prices. This website makes the process easy. Submitting an online quote request for any Subaru engine type will produce the current price structures. All replacement motors in the available U.S. inventory can be priced this way.

The preowned Subaru replacement motors are also priced by phone. There are many buyers who still feel comfortable when speaking with a live person. A good source of information can be obtained calling toll-free. A foreign engine specialist is provided for each person who calls. The price quote requests are only one portion of the services offered. Information about shipping a used Subaru motor in the U.S. is also offered. Getting a great price and great service are just two of the bonuses found on this used import engines portal online.