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Subaru Impreza 2.5L Engine for Sale

Subaru has used the 2.5-liter engine inside the Impreza since the year 1992. While the 1.5 model was the base coupe motor, the sedan and hatchback were quickly modified to provide a standard or turbo upgrade option. It was this change that introduced more people to the improvement in power that was achieved in the Subaru class of vehicles. supplies low prices for the Subaru Impreza 2.5L engine on the Internet.

There are few auto manufacturers in the industry that use as many trim levels as Subaru has for its Impreza vehicle. There have been no less than 10 different models that all featured something different for consumers. What was constant about the WRX and similar editions was the Subaru EJ25 engine block. This edition is still quite popular for secondary market replacements in older cars.

WRX and Outback Sport Replacement Motors

Both a turbo and a regular edition were produced for the 2.5-liter during its 1992 to 2011 production schedule. The DOHC model is by far the most common to find especially when browsing the preowned market. What was slightly different in each version was the horsepower on the block. The turbo models did sport a 9:5:1 compression ratio compared with the lower 8:0:1 in the base edition.

When a person starts to plan out a Subaru Impreza 2.5 engine swap, being aware of the block mileage and the parts warranty will help with the selection process. It is not too hard to find a high mileage WRX or other model motor. What is hard to find is one that has under 75,000 and still includes like new components. Got Engines provides a variance in price for every EJ25 engine for sale that is marketed in the U.S.

Find 2.5-Liter Used Subaru Engines

The flat motor block design of the I4 models made these easy to accept various transmissions. The compatibility between assemblies is not hard to validate when it comes to the 2.5L blocks. All used editions that are marked for sale at have completed testing and a general evaluation. A certified specialist has reviewed all parts for condition and grading levels.

Only the first through third generation editions made use of the 4-cylinder 2.5. A person who is seeking a unit for replacement that was made after this time period will have to seek another version. When it comes to a price structure, what is important to remember is that quality comes from the inside of the build and not the outside. There will be signs of surface rust and some light deterioration at the point of purchase. To review what is available here, please use the quotes system or call toll-free for help.